Healing is not linear



✨Healing itself is a form of resistance.✨ While not everyone is about to live directly under a #trumpdictatorship , we are all living under the same 🌠sky & are impacted on a collective level.
Today, #chiron is wedged between #venusandmars – did someone say #softsensuality ? 😝😷 #mars & #saturn are still having hard conversations, #jupiter & #uranus still have more disruptive surprises for us as this show unfolds, & the moon is, unsurprisingly, in #scorpio ~ ❓WHAT DOES IT MEAN❓~ • It means that in hard times we’re presented with opportunities to be gentle with ourselves & each other. Healing can be hard & it is absolutely ongoing. Just keep going at your own pace & remember to offer yourself the love & support you give out. The road ahead is long & bumpy. There are people who are going to be severely negatively impacted by this change in power today & I send all my 🙌🏼💞🙌🏼 to you.
#ourhealingisforeveryone #youredoinggreat #healingisresistence #dumptrump #mooninscorpio #yougotthis #healingisnotlinear

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