Helen Back and the twice yearly Sun square Pluto

Life in the 2020’s sometimes feels like being squeezed through the eye of a needle. The blessing in it is that we are forced to shed what we can no longer carry. There is so much letting go right now that the recuperation time in between is shorter, catching up is no longer possible & ‘normal’ is simply acknowledging the chaos. It’s a lot. It’s been a lot for a while now.

What death & the fragility of life has shown me is that time doesn’t stop, especially when you really want it to. Life continues to assert itself, even through death.

We’ve just moved through the twice yearly Sun square Pluto cosmic chrysalis & through it have been offered an opportunity to purge. Did you move through something in the last couple of days? Was it kinda intense? Maybe something stirred in the slumbers of your unconscious to be dealt with, or a light bulb needed changing 😉. The Illumination of the Sun can expose what Pluto keeps hidden, so don’t brush the tension off with irritation. Dig in. However you release, now is a good time to offer that to yourself.

2020’s feel like we’re going to hell n back

There is SO MUCH flying around in the collective right now that it’s important we can listen to & trust ourselves, & support each other in making the best choices for ourselves. When we purge from the place of Pluto we’re more equipped for personal power. So, let go & power up!

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