Horoscopes & Crystalscopes

Our Crystalscopes are a combination of astrology and crystal magic.

While horoscopes are a relatively new addition to astrology, they can be great indicators of change in our daily lives. Each sign in the zodiac can have a horoscope cast for the day, week, month or year ahead. Depending on the view and astrological understanding of the astrologer, interpretations will vary.

Our Crystalscopes are not weekly or monthly. There are a plethora of astrologers offering that, doing a wonderful job. We are both intuitive in our practices and offer our interpretations at times when we both feel called to; be it inspiration from world events or intuitive information received .

We’re also aware of the brazen and subtle forces of capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy and colonialism, and continue to address the workings of those systems within our own lives and work. In this, we acknowledge that the planets don’t operate on a Monday to Friday,  9-5 schedule. We choose to actively reorient how this information is present in our world through our work. The onus of this change is also on those who are asking for this information on a daily/weekly basis.

All Crystal Oracle cards are pulled from the Visions: Crystal Oracle Deck – created by Jessika Fancy. Her relationship with crystals began at a young age, watching her mother and eventually manifesting it into her own practice.

Astro-forecasts are interpreted by Dru Ish, who has been watching and interpreting the sky for over 20 years.



The term horoscope is derived from the Greek horoskopos, loosely meaning observing time, or marking the hour. Observation of the heavens has changed dramatically over the last 4,000 years. Initially information reserved for royalty, modern astrology is psychological, and person centred; for everyone and everything (even your cat can have a horoscope).

As a brief overview, horoscopes can be understood in the context of the following:

The Sun and Moon are both great lights in our sky. The Sun offers vitality & nourishment. It’s our source of light and represents our journey toward wholeness; understanding ourselves. The Moon is receptive and reflective. Living in the domain of the night it represents our unconscious, our connection to the past and our baseline needs. Governing the tides and the ebb and flow of life, the Moon can indicate the general, and ever changing, mood of the day, helping to bring into consciousness the messages of the other planets as it passes by.

Personal planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars) all govern areas of life concerned with our interactions with others. Mercury covers communication and dealings, Venus watches over love, money and what we value, while Mars takes charge of our energy and how we assert ourselves. The changing of the guard from one sign into the next illustrates how the planets can alter our interactions.

Jupiter and Saturn are more concerned with our growth. Changes in their signs and directions can be fundamental in specific areas of our life, while the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are generational markers; they influence trends and what each generation is here to transform. However, when outer planets butt into conversations with personal planets, we have some intense conversations at the dinner table and abrupt changes.