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Jessika Fancy & I are combining our magic in these Crystalscopes. We hope you find clarity, understanding and inspiration from them and share that compassion with yourself and others.

All cards pulled from the Visions Crystal Oracle Deck.



Jessika Fancy & Dru Ish at the Integratron, October 2016

Astro forecast ~ Venus Retrograde in Scorpio

October 2018


Look around to see what is dead or dying. The Venus Retrograde cycle is no joke, and Scorpio suffers no fools.

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The Venus Rx cycle is a 40 day – 40 night dark night of the soul journey. It’s a fasting and a detox of our values, our relationships, the people and places we’ve poured our love and money and support into…and the stench of death and decay is wafting through.


What once brought us joy, vitality and purpose may now be a shell of its former self. We may also find, if we care to have that honest, penetrating look at ourselves, that we’ve outgrown parts of ourselves and moved on, but the situation remains; the vase is still holding up the dead flowers, but no amount of water is going to breathe life back into them.


Encompassed in this current Rx cycle is Neptune at the midpoint of its journey through Pisces, and Uranus at the midpoint of the Nodes. Midpoints are a peak of energy where we can look both back and forth; familiar enough with the energy at this stage that we know the pattern, but also aware that maturity beckons in our choices.


Neptune at its best can guide us to the ecstatic highs, make psychic, soulful connections and ignite inspiration through the depths of creativity. But at its worst it’s confusing, deceiving and we’re not sure if we’re in forward gear or reverse, on a bus or a boat. The added deception of the Internet can lead to great suffering and confusion about who we are versus what we present.


“The tide is high and I’m holding on…”


Uranus is the zodiacal game-changer; it delivers sudden bursts and breaks from the past and unemotional endings. It wants us to be freed from what holds us encumbered.


Squaring off with the Nodes, Uranus has one foot kicking up dust in the past and one foot inspiring us toward a radically different future: we can stay in this place that has offered (the illusion of) comfort and security, but these choices will keep us wrapped up in fear, a state of scarcity and not living fully with vitality. Or, we can view the situation from a detached standpoint and acknowledge what needs to break for changes to be made. This second option leads us toward a more sincere expression of ourselves and our emotional needs, with an acceptance of all that cannot be controlled in life. Comfort and security takes on a whole new meaning when it’s built from authentic foundation stones.


This does not mean that every relationship needs to break up and places of investment are fraught with underlying deception. It means that this Rx cycle is giving us all an opportunity to acknowledge how we got to where we are right now. Where in your life is that wafting stench of death and decay coming from and how many excuses and reasons have you put forth to justify your own fears of scarcity? Some people are good at deceiving us, and sometimes we’re masters at letting ourselves be deceived because it seems easier than dealing with the truth.


The rage of the feminine will be contained no longer. Where ever your voice, your power, your vitality has been denied or suppressed is where your compost heaps begins.


Scorpio has tremendous creative potential. Its power is derived from raw truth; unswayed by desire and fanfare, uninterested in falsity. The transformation we seek is only possible when we’re honest about the clutter that needs to be cleared, and open enough to let the new in. We have the opportunity to be re-born through this cycle, but our seeds won’t grow in barren soil, and love can’t flourish in a closed heart. Its up to each of us to come back to our truth, where we own our projections and choices and be clear about what it is we want to grow, with whom.


Crystal Oracle

Jessika Fancy

This morning when we decided to write a Crystalscope for Venus Retrograde guidance, the card “Rhodochrosite” showed itself to me as an image in my head. Once I sat down to pick a card and focus my energies relating to Venus retrograde,  it came to no surprise that the card I picked ended up being, yes you guessed it, Rhodochrosite.


IMG_9609 2



This is probably one of my most favourite stones, it’s intricate beauty and varying shades of pink, red and white makes it so magical to look at. This stone rules the heart center of the body. As we all know, being human means understanding the sometimes excruciating pains that come with living with a heart. 


Rhodochrosite understands the depth of your rage, grief and broken trust. It sees you at your most vulnerable, when you reach the bottom of the barrel and feel like there’s no one there to catch you. This stone is here to remind you that you aren’t meant to stay there, it wants you to know you are deserving of great love. You may want to armour up, creating a barricade so no one gets in and what you have to offer can’t get out. This “protection” will keep you from the thing you need most, connection. 


Remember that closing yourself off completely will just lead to more pain. Take the time you need for healing, unpacking the layers of your grief and trauma. Eventually, leaps of faith will be required, trust in yourself to build from there. Love comes to us in so many different ways, it just takes time to see all the ways in which we block it. Let rhodochrosite guide you through this journey and know that you are loved.


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Astro forecast ~ Cancer season eclipse tides

July 2018

The thing about the desert is that it holds the memory of the Ocean. The thing about water is that it never forgets. 

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When we artificially divert the flow of water, you can bet that over time it will flood and resume its natural course. Cancer season is the time of year when our high tide occurs; our ocean perimeter extends beyond any fear based limitations we’ve set in place and seeks to reconnect us with where we belong.

Being a water sign, Cancer can appear unsuspecting with its drive and determination. Cardinal signs, however, all have un underlying awareness of what needs to be in place to survive, and what can befall us if not.




No matter when we exist throughout history, all living beings seek shelter and safety. While Aries (the 1st Cardinal sign) is out hunting, fearlessly gathering food, Cancer is creating our home, stoking the hearth fire so that we can all be nourished by togetherness under the same roof.

Cancer knows, if we don’t have each other we will not survive.

In 2018, we may not be setting up home in a cave on the side of a rock, but our needs are no different to those of our ancestors. As social creatures, we all seek to belong, to be nourished, to protect and be protected.




This upcoming eclipse on June 12th is the 1st of three eclipses over the next 3 months (scroll down for dates). They mark the end of this Leo ~ Aquarius eclipse series before we delve even deeper into the Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn story. 

This New Moon eclipse is a seed sewn in a bed of intensity. Anything that is threatening our basic survival needs is glaringly obvious at this time. 

With our basic instincts activated, there is increased potential for projection. There can be the desire to cut coldly that which has rejected us, threatened our survival and undermined our need to belong. The challenge is to sit in any uncomfortableness without reaction or retaliation.




If you’re saying you’re chill about something but are secretly obsessing over it, bring what’s hidden out into the open, no matter how uncomfortable; that which is hidden holds power over us and potential for harm.

In so doing, you have a clear, detached view where you can acknowledge the relationships and connections that you’ve poured your emo energy into, and release those that no longer require your attention.

When we say things are cool but they’re eating away at our very need to belong, we undermine ourselves and gaslight those we actually care about.




There’s a retrograde storm blowing through this season too, so don’t be surprised if old wounds and stories pop up for review. Stay close to your hearth fire and truth and invite them in so you can see them clearly.

We’re being asked to step into our authenticity and keep a light on through challenging times. While that might sound glamorous & praise worthy, it means acknowledging our own short comings and how we’ve contributed to a lack of safety and security. 




Allowing the Cancer season tides to wash away fear-based resistance ultimately reconnects us with what holds meaning. It opens the door to more sincere connections with those we love and want by our fire, and predominantly reconnects us with home inside ourselves, wherever we are.



Eclipse dates July & August 2018:

July 12th ~ 20* Cancer

July 27th ~ 4* Leo / Aquarius

August 11th ~ 18* Leo 




  • images from Navajo Nation lands, Canyonlands National Park and Utah Rock House


Crystal Oracle

Jessika Fancy



Welcome to eclipse season!

Rhodochrosite wants us to remember the connections that feed us. This stone is about trust after periods of hurt and grief and how staying closed off cuts us off from the thing we most need-connection. 

These eclipses are allowing us to clear the old wounds and the pain we are holding onto. Take the time to sift through it all and clear the cobwebs from your home within.

Something that can help with staying grounded, is having regular check ins with yourself. It helps us to be in the flow of life which in turn makes it easier to receive the gifts that come to us. Rhodochrosite says, ´take your time but remember to take leaps of faith!´


Take care out there, you are deserving of safety and love.





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Astro forecast ~ Jupiter in Scorpio


The stories that the sky presents to us don’t happen in isolation. As when we’re born, we walk on stage mid scene unaware of what has come before us. Researching world events that were occurring around the time of our birth can offer deeper insights into the nuances of our own astrological make up.

For example, the early 1980’s saw a peak in the resistance to the nuclear arms race that had been building with momentum. Testing nuclear weapons underground was a frequent occurrence, and those of us growing up in the 80’s had the looming threat of “the big bomb” dropping. The millennials born around this time have a Pluto-Saturn conjunction in their chart. This combination is not a comfortable energy and can be experienced as a constant feeling that something is brewing under the surface that might explode at any moment. These people embody those nuclear tests and societies efforts to curb the negative outcomes.

Jupiter has just entered Scorpio off the back of a year long stand off with Uranus. Jupiter expands what it touches, for better or worse. Being the largest planet in our solar system, both physically and symbolically it gives us a push to learn & grow through expanse, asking us to establish our ideology, philosophy and opinion.

Uranus on the other hand has its own rules. Physically it’s ice cold, rotating counter-clockwise and at a 98* angle. Like its physical expression, it has an unconventional attitude that it delivers without emotion. We experience Uranus transits as unexpected events occurring at lightning speed, with intent of freeing us from the ruts that become grooves & those grooves that become trenches.

Both personally & collectively there’s a gaping chasm between where we are now & where we were this time last year (just scroll back in your phone/photos to see your own timeline). Change is always upon us, but the breaking & release that had to happen under the Jupiter-Uranus transit runs deep, and it’s only now in the richness of Scorpio season that we’re getting a glimpse of what lay beneath the surface of “before.”

Jupiter wants us to expand on what we already know, but Scorpio is not a sign that is an open book or a revolving door. Only a select few get the keys to Scorpio’s domain, and even then they will likely be returned during power struggles and cold silences when privacy, betrayal, sexual inappropriateness and personal integrity are called into question.

The lay of the Scorpio land is not for the fainthearted. It is deep and mysterious. It is far below this world where one needs to learn to breathe in a completely different way. It is in these far reaches of existence that coal is transformed into diamonds under the pressure of great forces…and when you know you have diamonds, you know they’re worth protecting.

Jupiter in Scorpio offers us a lifeline as we descend into that abyss. We get to explore with less fear, less of the notorious fierce Scorpio protection, getting a glimpse into what Scorpio’s terrain is all about in our own lives. Money, sex, intimacy, death, magic…all the issues we’re aware of but deal with privately, are up for investigation.

The relationships that had to end under Jupiter-Uranus have left wide open space for self-exploration. Finding comfort in our own company can at first appear terrifying, but in maintaining our goal and focus Scorpio promises to return us to any dormant personal power that has been relinquished or abandoned. The relationships that sustained the shifts are now venturing deeper into the terror and delight of intimacy, finding the value in sharing resources and the richness that can flower when we go to the ends of the earth with someone and continue walking with them through their shit, and our own.

When we seize trying to control everything coincidences occur, triple numbers keep appearing, the calling is clearer and we remember that magic is real…but what does it all mean? That’s what Jupiter wants us to work out.

We have the next 13 months to listen, to dig deep & find our own answers. For now, we can trust that this is a time to remain open in our power, in the depth that we all are & explore the diamonds that are emerging due to the changes we have made. Breakage has occurred, wounds need to be tended to and sensitivity respected. These are deep waters with many treasure chests full of life’s richest vitality. We are promised transformation, and the deeper we surrender, the more vibrant the journey will be into Sagittarius.


Crystal Oracle

Jessika Fancy


The card I pulled for Jupiter moving into Scorpio is amethyst. This stone wants us to know of our intuition, to trust and learn from it. Fear can sometimes masquerade as intuition which can have us in a downward spiral within seconds. Amethyst wants us to be aware of our patterns and how we contribute to our own self sabotaging ways.

Consider this stone to be your life line while digging within this Scorpio season. Amethyst wants you to learn from your mistakes, cut ties with what drains you and make way for healthier ways of coping.

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Astro forecast ~ Pluto stations direct: Sept/Oct 2017


Photo of a naturally occurring alter by Jessika Fancy

This is one of those times when the planets are corroborating to give us a run for our money. Change & upheaval have been ongoing themes in our recent past; there’s increased sensationalization and the extreme becoming the norm, & there’s the blinkers being removed from everyone who was once shielded by privilege to not see.

The sky right now is like a wash cycle in slow motion that takes our attention away from also noticing that the table we’re sitting at has recently had the legs cut off.

In this wash cycle, there’s action. Things are churning around, change has been ongoing since the cycle began & the intention is to remove the dirt & stains by sudden change & disruptions. But slow motion means we’re feeling the details. The ones that really get under our skin are the slow, long term shifts that come from the outer planets ~ Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

This slow motion feeling is coming from Pluto stationing direct this week (stopping to move forward again). Planets changing direction literally throw us for a loop. It feels like that inertia when a car takes a tight corner.

Pluto is one of those slow movers where the change runs deep & real slow, to make sure no corner is left unswept. It’s of the underworld. It’s the juice at the bottom of an old garbage bag. It’s the act of recycling. It’s those breakthrough moments in processing when it feels so hard & raw but leaves you invigorated once moved through.

In Capricorn, Pluto is highlighting the systems that govern & control us, and like Capricorn, systems & people in positions of power are way more effective when we respect them. But Pluto highlights all the shit. All the stuff that moves around inside us that doesn’t always see the light of day, the corruption, the back handed deals we do that undermine our self-worth & sense of security. Pluto is going through our collective rubbish exposing what needs to be discarded for realz, and it’s been retrograde since April.

Retrograde times and planets changing direction give us pause. When we’re indoctrinated from birth into the workings of capitalism, pausing is not an easy state.

If we divide this wash-cycle-change-process into three stages, two of the three seem appealing. The 1st stage is about identifying that change needs to happen & initiating those changes. Here we disrupt the status quo. We put the laundry in the machine with ample detergent to do the job. The 2nd stage is liminal space where we are neither here nor there yet. We’ve shaken things up but not yet arrived at the other shore. The wash cycle is in motion and our laundry is swimming around in dirty water. We don’t open the machine at this point to retrieve our clothes. The 3rd stage occurs once we’ve implemented changes and we’re headed in a new direction, going ‘forward’. The wash cycle is complete, spun and dried, and we now have fresh clothes to wear again.

The first & last stages are action oriented. We have clear direction. The 2nd phase, the liminal space, is these retrograde pause times. They’re directionless, and capitalism doesn’t like us being directionless. It wants us productive, in an active state, going somewhere. Directionlessness can be discombobulating, causing us to think that we’re disconnected and that something is wrong, but what it really wants us to do is pause and look at what is right in front of us.

Jupiter & Uranus have been dancing their dance this last year; a little unsettling for those Libran scales. Where Libra yearns for justice, fairness and equality, there’s been fire crackers set off by Uranus to make sure we’re not complacent. Uranus doesn’t let us rest in our quest for equilibrium. Just when you think you can take a moment, when the anxiety has subsided & your nervous system returns to a comfortable frequency, Uranus mixes it up again…& again. No one gets to rest, wicked or otherwise.

This meeting of two benefic energies, Jupiter & Venus (ruler of Libra), would on its own be a pleasurable cake and coffee. With Uranus sitting on the opposite side of the cafe table sawing the legs off unevenly, there’s less time for niceties. This combination produces great social change where freedom from the past is the only guarantee. It’s much like a wild fire spreading. It’s hot, it’s quick, it’s uncontrollable, yet we never lose sight of that Libran view of how things can work together. Since Uranus charged out of the gate in Aries in 2011, the voice of the younger generations & marginalized groups has been one of the major agents for change. Pausing when there is so much turmoil can feel excruciating.

The Virgo kids are also on board in this current sky-show. The Virgo camp has been jam packed with everyone reconvening back at the family house. This is a family who knows how to get things done. There’s to-do lists, there’s boxes for sorting, there’s a well used label maker and a frenzy of thoughts and ideas that need physical manifestation. The parents have stepped out and left the kids in charge of the final details. They’re up at the crack of dawn, knowing what needs to be done, packing everything they need for exact execution of the details, but when Virgo leaves the house to check off their to-do list, they’re hit by a water canon from across the road, blurring our vision and disorienting us.

Neptune in Pisces has an AirBnB over the road for 14 years and wants to erode the fine edges and exactness that Virgo has built its reputation around. Neptune watermarks those to-do lists so that we get creative, return to what spirituality is for us, and listen to that gut instinct that Virgo knows all too well.

Adventure is one of the medicines of mastery right now. Whether you have a map or not, take a detour off the path and explore a little, inside and out. See what insights come to you when you let your imagination and inspiration guide you. Without wondering where you’re going next or what might have come before and what you might want to come later, just be with what’s right in front of you.

Pluto brings things to the surface from a very deep, psychological place, so if you’re running (in any direction) you’re likely not looking at what’s coming up and sitting right in front of you.  Capricorn looooves a challenge, so challenge yourself to sit in directionlessness without resistance.

Nothing is fixed. No state is permanent. Life is in constant flux. Winter is not trying to be summer & where you’re at right now is perfect in this continual growth cycle of life.

Crystal Oracle

Jessika Fancy

oct crystalscope

Rhodochrosite is here as the messenger of love. When trust has been broken, pain and grief ensue. It can be hard to move past hurtful experiences. We tend to hold onto to old ways of being and thinking as defence mechanism take over. When we stay in those places we cut off our access to growth, and our hearts get starved of what it needs most: love and tender care. When we sit with our pain and connect the dots we give ourselves an opportunity to start healing those deeply embedded wounds.

Keep rhodochrosite in mind to help you open up to new ways of being, new experiences and taking leaps of faith. Know that you may fall again, but trust in the resilience of your heart to heal itself and know that you are worthy of all kinds of love.

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Astro forecast ~ August 2017: Eclipse Season


While driving from Vancouver to Montreal this summer, we stopped by an Amethyst mine in Ontario. Initially, I was mesmerized by witnessing Amethyst in its natural habitat. I had only ever seen it in chunks, extracted, and on display in some way.

Looking around, I realized I was completely surrounded by Amethyst. Everywhere I looked. With a broad view everything looked the same. When I focussed underfoot, each piece was unique and yet the same as everything around it.

It felt much like the internet. Here we all are in the same place, doing somewhat the same thing; all shining our brilliance and unique creativity, yet no less special and no less necessary than the next.

IMG_5647Leo season is about finding our centre and respecting our power and brilliance. Leo is born of Cancer (the sign previous) where it is offered a home base, a place of belonging and somewhere to return to…but it’s not Leo’s journey to stay in the home. Leo’s story involves being aware of something greater than the self, greater than any idea the ego has, and finding it via trial and error, and missed opportunities. We all have things to offer, and those precious expressions are valuable and necessary to maintain growth and vitality. Getting caught up in the roar of the crowd, or the number of likes and followers can be a distraction to our most authentic expression and ultimately dull our vitality.

Astrology always encompasses opposites; the shadow, the balance, the other that completes. There is no Leo without Aquarius, just as there is no community without individuals. Leo season is a time to embrace our individuality and the unique gifts we have to offer, both for us and the benefit of others.

The unfolding story that the planets share with us this month involves us REALLY checking in with ourselves. Not checking in with how we feel in comparison to another and not based on any societal notion of where we should be at by this age or what our parents and peers expect of us. Plant your feet securely where you are and take a look at your own personal landscape. Imagine yourself as the Leo Sun and look at your effect on the world that orbits around you.

IMG_5645 2The sky is turning the crystals underfoot into hot coals. There’s no time to continue doing anything that your heart is not in. Whatever reeks of inauthentic in life will gain weight as unbearable. There are eclipses, planets going forward, planets moving backwards, messages being passed. There is no standing still on hot coals.

The month starts off with a bang and boom when the electrical wire that connects us to knowing when it’s time to release and move on detaches. Hanging in a puddle of water, slashing around unpredictably, it’s testing how free and independent we really are in the choices we’ve made.

With 2 eclipses and 2 new Moons in Leo, the cosmos is making sure we get the message! Eclipses condense the energy in and around us for an extended period of time, as if the dial is turned up to 10. It is. There is light enough for us to see what is going on and enough oomph for us to release what is weighing us down. As Mercury turns retrograde mid-eclipses, it will venture back to the degree of the solar eclipse. Stay vigilant into September for clues and details of information to become apparent. The energy of eclipse season is intense at the time, and will often take months for the changes to unravel.

By mid month, 5 planets will be retrograde. If you feel like you’re getting nowhere rowing your boat upstream, keep paddling. You’re not alone. Retrograde times allow us to review, and if we resist, the paddling becomes that much harder. As this is all happening in the front yard of Leo’s domain. There will be over arching themes in all the old stuff you’re going through: are you being authentic? Is what you’re doing the best expression of you that you can offer? What have you learnt in the past that is rushing back at you in that river? If you were to be truly powerful, what does that look like?

Being authentic takes raw courage. Taking responsibility for the direction of our lives take continued effort and impartial discernment. Offer yourself the time to sift through what’s coming up. In the background of life will be some deep, tender feels. Don’t trample on them in an attempt to understand wtf is going on. Keep space for mourning the past. While some aspects of life will feel like a complete clusterfuck, make a point of offering and creating safe haven by sharing food, sharing experiences and vulnerabilities with those you hold dear. Offer it and receive it.

This time is not smooth sailing, but the effort you put in now to dig for your own diamonds can have lasting effect on how you care for and shine your brilliance outwardly in the future.

Astro forecast ~ June 2017

This month starts off with a bit of energetic reshuffling, but once we see where the dust wants to settle, we can get busy on our way in the direction we want to go.

At the beginning of June 2017, deal maker and breaker Mercury leaves the slow and steady trenches of Taurus (June 7th) to return home to its own here-there-and-everywhere-at-once terrain of Gemini. Communication blocks and intense conversations suffering jet lag from May can loosen up as ideas start to fire faster than we can articulate them. From the 9th -13th Mercury is looking for those bigger picture outlets for its ideas. Make sure your dealings have integrity as you could either be the trickster or be the one getting tricked. The cat will be out of the bag by the 16th, so be prepared for healing conversations and some real talk the week of 16th-20th.

The start of the month also sees Venus standing by a bonfire with Uranus, releasing any residue left over from the dance through the Underworld in the retrograde period during March-April. Phew! Venus in Aries put a fire cracker under our asses and made damn sure we got the message. If you were journaling or actively processing the Venus Retrograde period, use this transition into Taurus (June 7th) to establish the changes you want to implement. Healing is not static and one thing about Taurus is that it has great staying power, allowing us to slow down and smell the roses. Do just that! Treat yourself. Please your Venus this month. Offer yourself the kindness you so readily give out to others. Get lush and get real about your relationships and the people and things you value.

Venus has a gentle, slow dance with Mars for the first half of June, offering us space to get creative and cosy in our choices. It’s time to reorganise our interior furniture. From the 15th-23rd the heat starts to get turned up, and that cosy space might have passions running high and desires transcending dream life. Sit in the intensity if you can. It will have some reality checks f’sure, but the transformation has a positive slant on it with healing benefits toward the end of the month.

Motivated Mars gets a cold shower as it moves from Gemini into Cancer (June 5th). Cancer isn’t Mars’ favourite party to be at, because Mars wants to be on the go, in action and ready for anything. Cancer puts a lil water on that fire which means we’re likely to see less explosive out bursts…but more brooding below the surface type responses.

From the 11th til the end of the month, Mars starts to splash about and make waves. Keep a close eye on your own emo waters; if something is aggravating you, let out steam as you go along. Remember we’re in Gemini Season and there can be the tendency to flit from one thing to the next, project our shit onto someone else and talk more than we listen. Any built up tension can be blown out of proportion, and have irrevocable changes, so stand still when looking into any mirrors.

There’s a lot to be gleaned from steep learning curves, and if you’re not on your game this could be one of them. Used productively, this is a mass amount of energy that can be beneficial for understanding our own power, asserting ourselves with compassion while being direct and honest, and using difficult situations to inform the growth we need.

Days to watch:

June 9 ~ Jupiter goes direct. Have there been road blocks since February 2017? They can now open to an optimistic road with more opportunities than you could have imagined. See where Libra is in your chart for a more precise reading and gather all you’ve been learning since February for your road forward. Dream big and shoot for those relationship goals.

FULL MOON at 9* Sagittarius ~ Gemini Season is a great time to swim through all your ideas and generate plans from all your sources of information. This Full Moon is asking us to ground our dreams and visions so that they have roots for the future.

June 15 ~ Neptune turns retrograde. The days surrounding this may feel confusing, slow and foggy. Take note of any issues that call for your attention at this time as the retrograde period will be sure to send you out to sea with them…all the way into November.

June 20 ~ SUMMER SOLSTICE  (Nth Hemisphere) / WINTER SOLSTICE  (Sth Hemisphere)~ The Sun moves into Cancer and signals the longest/shortest day of the year. Which ever hemisphere you’re in, it’s a midpoint, a turnaround and a looking forward while being aware of all we’ve just walked through. Stand where you are and have your map in hand. The next few months will have the dial turned up.

June 23 ~ NEW MOON at 2* Cancer ~While nesting in Cancer Season, check in with yourself about your visions for your future. Write down all your feels, all your wishes…and all the things you need to do to get there. This Lunation Cycle is asking you to make some changes about the direction of your life and assess where you might need to blindly jump for the benefit of your own creative freedom. Connect with your roots and launch from there.

Crystal Oracle

 Jessika Fancy

Leopard skin jasper is the card I pulled for June✨


This stone is very protective and grounding. It can offer assistance with moving past traumas, especially revolving around conformity. Leopard skin jasper is asking you to truly connect with who you are. There’s no hiding or running away from its mirrors, and really knowing that who and what you are is good enough! This stone is very connected to the animal kingdom.

Gemini season can have us wanting to do all the things, all of the time! This is a great reminder to start paying attention to the signs, especially those from the animal kingdom. What birds do you see when you look up at the sky…What furry friend is scurrying past you while you’re in deep thought walking to a friend’s house… Keep a record of who and what you see, especially during difficult times when your brain is in a loop. Take a moment to connect amongst all the busyness of life. Animals have much to teach us and nature often has the answers if we are willing to take the time and listen. 

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Astro forecast ~ May, 2017

It’s Taurus Season!

The gravitational pull toward the earth, be it putting your hands in it, pulling weeds and planting seeds, or getting back to our roots; Taurus is our foundation layer. It holds the memories of what it has taken to get here, and it is what we rely on when the storms come and everything rattles around us.

The world is a precarious place right now, and relying on structures built in the past doesn’t appear to be working. The integrity of religion is questionable. Banks support the desecration of Indigenous land rights and our water sources. Educational institutions are funded by corporations that narrow the field down to degrees in science and commerce. Law enforcement have their own rules, and the family unit cannot carry the weight of capitalistic stress and excess.

Taurus slows us down to assess and check in. Where have you laid roots and what gives you stability? What is it you rely on to get through your days, relationships, jobs and challenges? When our foundations are unsteady, cracks begin to appear and things can easily fall apart. We’re seeing this environmentally with river banks giving way & landslides destroying whole towns; when we remove our foundational support systems, the ground under us literally erodes. Now is the perfect time to address any leaks and cracks and offer some attention to our own personal support structures.

The start of the month will f’sure show us where the cracks are, both personally and collectively. Uranus, the unsettler, shakes everything from our thoughts to values to chasms in relationships, putting us on high alert to what we can rely on and what we’ve been deceiving ourselves about. The messages brought through from the recent Venus Retrograde period and Mercury Retrograde (ending May 3rd), will want to take root this month, making sure we don’t go any further in a direction that does not reflect our boundaries and values.

Venus, back in Aries, blasts through any relational and financial issues that needed tending to in February, offering a second chance at a more graceful and honest approach to getting the job done. Impulsive Mars is seeking a mate to connect with intellectually, as it builds toward an opposition with Saturn at the end of the month. Some conversations and connections will get serious, checking in with what we really mean. Make sure your early-month promises have the stamina to follow through, because there will be decisions to be made by the 25th.

Throughout the month, neighbours Saturn & Uranus come head to head with who’s paying for the fence that divides them. Uranus wants to tear it all down, to be unburdened and make radical changes. Saturn wants to repair the existing structure, respecting tradition, knowing that there is much to be learnt from working through tough times.

With all of this energy brewing in fiery Aries & Sagittarius, it’s no wonder so many of us are heading out on road trips, leaving the golden-handcuff corporate job & completely reorienting certain areas of life. It’s a time of making great changes, with maturity and responsibility for our health (in all the ways), what we truly value and where we contribute our energy. The recent/current retrograde season (Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn AND Pluto) has put so much in our field of view for review. Don’t look away!

Taurus is really, REALLY good at making things stick. It’s a solid, often unwavering, energy. Write lists, plans, intentions and set things in motion if you want your endeavour to have backbone to it because when Gemini Season rolls in on the 21st we will want to move, seeking variety & change. If there’s no plan, your energy can get flittered away in a storm of mental exhaustion and Gemini multi-tasking but not completing.

Crystal Oracle

Moonstone for May, 2017

 Jessika Fancy


Intuitive charm by The Stars and the Sea

Moonstone comes to us for the month of May. Both Dru and I were certain I was going to pick Aragonite, but the iridescent beauty of moonstone is calling us to feel our intuition, pay attention to our dreams and recognize the good fortunes that surround us.

This card is all about energetic boundaries. Setting them, nurturing them and keeping them. When we want to do too much, help others at all costs, fix other people’s lives and problems we deplete ourselves and our resources. Taurus loves its resources, and it doesn’t want us depleted, ungrounded and over extending ourselves to the point of exhaustion. Get in touch with your wants and needs, carve a space for your roots to grow while you nourish them. The help you want to give is admirable but not at the expense of your well being.

Some suggestions for keeping and setting boundaries: know your hard NO’s, when you are unsure of how you feel about something, take some time out and sit with it, listen to what your heart is telling you. That “gut” feeling is actually there for a reason! Most importantly, beware of people in your life that are consistently pushing your boundaries, that don’t value your time, energy and resources. Knowing your worth is invaluable to this process and the more we respect ourselves the more we’ll attract people who respect us.

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Astro forecast ~ April, 2017

Our April Crystalscopes have been replaced with daily astro-emails via the Venus Retrograde 40 Day Challenge. Sign up here to participate…and pop back here in May for our next forceast.

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Astro forecast ~ March, 2017

~ Dru Ish

There’s a large wave forming. It’s coming in from waaaay out in the ocean, past any point of swimming or surfing, where only the fearless emo-sailors dare venture. It’s been building in the back of our lives and contains all the feels of the Pisces Solar Eclipse last month. It’s quite the swell. The undertow has us unable to settle, but deeply in need of rest. It’s pulling us in all directions at once, like the two fish swimming in opposite directions symbolizing Pisces, connected by an unbroken tether of consciousness.

The Pisces ocean is so vast it feels endless. There is no beginning or end point; when you are submerged, you are everywhere. Pisces knocks those racist misconceptions about light being good and dark being evil on their head as they take us from that innocent beach shore-line to the depths of the ocean floor showing us they’re really one and the same. There is no light on the ocean floor, and it’s not hospitable, but like a date with your babe on the beach, it’s extremely fertile and rich with the potential of the unknown.

The wave may be unrecognizable, but looking closely we can see how we all created it. It’s impossible to bury things we don’t want to look at and expect them to not re-emerge. Water permeates all aspects of our lives when it comes in as strong as it is this month. It dampens our energy levels, takes vitality from our adrenals and offers it to our tear ducts, and replaces sleep-time with vivid dream messages. Listen carefully as the messages may appear subtle, but can hit you like a sledgehammer.

This wave will reach its peak, holding the potential to crash on our shores. It will be teeming with the personal and collective pain of fellow humans inhabiting this planet in precarious, political times. It doesn’t matter what side of a designated border you’re on, the fact that there IS a border means that neither of us are free. This painful time is ripe for healing, for leaning into our pain and diving deep for the treasures that are disguised behind difficulty.

While we’re dealing with our deepest feels, the fire that has been sometimes-raging-sometimes-warming around us, meets with our collective wave. The point of interaction will no doubt produce an enormous amount of steam. The handover from Pisces to Aries may be swift and abrupt. There’s nothing restrained about Aries, and with Uranus in the mix, it’s like a pressure cooker. Everything happens in half the regular time, which is somewhat exciting and somewhat discombobulating, because it means we reorient the rest of our lives around the hot chaos.

The Aries cooker turned up high means there’s potential to burn(out). There’s no messing around. It’s abrupt, dynamic and pushy. Aries’ force reminds us to stop. Breathe. Assess our surroundings, then act. It has all the energy to start a fire, but no thought about how to put it out.

Combining the wisdom of the wave with the energy of renewal, we co-create our future. We put our hands in the earth and orient ourselves from here and now. The wave is in all of us, and it’s our responsibility to keep the fire burning for those who are busy surviving.

March battle cry: SIA – ALIVE

Who is Dru Ish?

Crystal Oracle

Blue Kyanite for March

 Jessika Fancy

March crystalscope photo flowers

This stone is here to remind us of the importance of settling into our feelings and of taking time out to re-calibrate. The world at large wants so much from us. Our time, our energy, our money, our emotional and physical labor. At times it wants everything we have and offers little in return. Blue Kyanite wants you to know that in those moments when you feel like you have nothing left, it’s a good time to sit, breathe, count the cracks in your ceiling, stick your feet in some sand, dirt, grass, anything to remind you of the present moment and that you are here doing this thing right now. Take stock of what you have to give and make sure that what is being fed to you in return, is valuable and nutritious both physically and emotionally.

One of the zodiac signs assigned to Blue Kyanite ironically enough is Pisces. Use those dreams you are dreaming as fuel and food for your heart and your future. With Aries season coming, those dreams will be able to be put forth into tangible things, little seeds that can grow with your compassion and tender care. Know that every little step counts towards the end goal and that you are worthy of receiving that joy.

Cards are selected each month from the Visions: Crystal Oracle Deck

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Astro forecast ~ February, 2017

~ Dru Ish

February is a hot month, full of fiery, impulsive action and inspiration. Being Aquarius Season, there is a collective undertow that seeks to highlight areas of life that are not benefiting the greater good, bringing people out of the woodwork in support of those who are impacted by powers beyond their control.

The month begins and ends with the Moon in Aries, offering us the spark we need to get going on putting into action the dreams and visions we have tucked away inside of us. Aries is the hunter of the zodiac; the go-getter, the energy we rely on for survival. It’s not interested in a pretty or decorated revolution, nor does it care if your feelings are hurt along the way. Aries has a job to do and single pointed vision.

We can see this expressed in world politics right now. Far right conservative views are becoming normalized as governments around the world change laws that reflect white supremacy, the fascist face of capitalism and protection of the “I”. When we are divided we are only 7.5 billion individuals running around protecting ourselves. Aries needs its opposite sign Libra to remind it that we’re stronger together, that more can be accomplished when we listen to each other and hear the point of view of those our actions are impacting. When we’re 7.5 billion people working together, we can direct the flow of change. The Solar Eclipse on the 26th has the potential for positive gains if we’re collectively pushing for it.

This month, the Aries~Libra dial is turned up as Jupiter turns retrograde on Feb 6th, heading backwards to have a chat later in the month with Uranus and Mars in Aries. Uranus is always pushing the envelope for a revolution, and in Aries best we be mindful about what we ask for. When Uranus moved from Pisces into Aries in 2011, we all felt the impact of Fukushima. There was a sudden, explosive energy (Uranus in Aries) releasing toxins into our oceans, escalating collective grief & the reminder that we’re not in control (Pisces). With Mars in the mix this month, we all have the ability to express the side of Mars that is fiercely protective, stands up against injustice and defends the underdog. As Venus joins the Aries gang on Feb 4th we can know what it is to fight for love.

By the end of the month, we will have Chiron, Neptune, the Sun, Mercury AND South Node all in Pisces. Take this time to swim below the surface of all that’s going on in the world. Listen to your dreams, pull cards, make space for your inner voices that can only be heard away from the roar of the crowd and the drone of mainstream media. Find that stillness in you that can tune into where you are best utilized in this collective flow of change. We are all needed, and we are at our best when we are authentic. The powers we are up against are so old and rigid that they’re holding on so tight in fear of it all slipping away. If we all step up and contribute in our own way, we are stronger together and part of the conversation of change.

Days to mark in your calendar:

Feb 1-2 ~ Cardinal t-square: Moon, Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury & Pluto: The imbalance is clear. Listen for sudden flashes of inspiration and be mindful of thinking before you speak. Be aware of your own personal rabbit holes and don’t forget to send out life-lines when needed…because you are needed.

Feb 4 ~ Venus moves into Aries, joining Mars & Uranus: the heat is turned UP! Fight for what and who you love.

Feb 6 ~ Jupiter turns retrograde in Libra: watch for changes in the area of life that Libra occupies in your chart.

Feb 10 ~ Full Moon 22* Leo. Lunar Eclipse: this Full Moon holds an intense amount of energy. It’s part of a fiery double-Kite formation! Things may unfold rapidly, and these changes will have some backbone behind them, so make sure you know what you want manifest.

Feb 18 ~ Sun moves into Pisces, joining South Node, Neptune & Chiron: dream your dreams and listen to your quiet voices. There will be a lot of external noise, so create safe space for your inner world.

Feb 21-22 ~ Mars-Uranus in Aries square Moon-Pluto in Capricorn: if you weren’t aware of your power, or have been wondering how to access it, these days are a good time to check in. Be mindful of volatility, unpredictable expressions of anger and rage, and all the deep, intense feels.

Feb 21-27 ~ Cardinal t-square – Jupiter in Libra, opposite Mars and Uranus in Aries, square Moon-Pluto in Capricorn: cardinal t-square’s offer us a challenge and a way out. They help us solve problems when the sea-saw is tipped too far, for too long in one direction. The ‘way out’ is for us to all sit in our power, to expose the rot and decay of things that need to change and put our energy into contributing to the change we want. At this time, change is inevitable. The world we knew before will no longer be, but the world we want in the future needs our vision, voice and input.

Both of these t-square’s hold tense conversations in the search for truth, a battle for survival and amplification of how injustices that hurt one, hurt us all.

Feb 25-27 ~ Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries opposite Jupiter in Libra: unpredictability, exaggerated shocking events, the desire to find balance. It’s a great time to assert yourself, but be aware of accidents. If you’re a sensitive one, put up all your protection while being out in the world amidst the currents of the Pisces Moon-stellium.

Feb 26 ~ New Moon 8* Pisces, Solar Eclipse: This eclipse holds the potential for good news, or a break with an element of good fortune.

Next month…Venus goes Retrograde.  Join us for an online 40 day Retrograde challenge, guiding you through the tricky terrain of the underworld…

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Crystal Oracle

Tigers Eye is for February

~ Jessika Fancy


After reading Dru’s astrology write up for the month I sat with my deck and asked “what does the collective need to focus on for the month of February?” Tigers eye came up and brings us a very important message that really ties in with this months astrology forecast! During trying times it is imperative to go at it together, this isn’t a time to hermit away in solitude and isolation. This card is begging for you to reach out to your friends, your loved ones, your community and it wants you to know that you are not alone. While rest and recuperation is necessary, we cannot go on this battle solo and we need all the back up that we can access.

Tigers eye is really good for balancing emotions, stress levels and brings us a deeply grounding vibe. Another great thing is that it brings the gift of clarity and seeing the big picture. When we are stuck in the hamster wheel and spinning out of control, A great way to break that cycle and bring you back to the present moment is as follows: get a pen, a piece of paper and separate the page in 2 columns. On one side write “what I am afraid of” and the other column is “what do I know to be true”. This way, it gives your fears an outlet and a chance for your body and mind to regroup.

Cards are selected each month from the Visions: Crystal Oracle Deck

Who is Jessika Fancy?


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