Host Astro Tattoo sessions

Hosting Astro Tattoo sessions is super easy and a great way to create and support community.

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We traveled across North America with this project in 2017-18, being hosted by generous community members along the way.


Our needs are few and it’s easier than you think to host us!

Our basic needs are:

  • clean & quiet private room in a home or business (spare room, kitchen, shop space)
  • running water / bathroom
  • table and 2 – 3 chairs
  • mirror
  • wifi access

Astro Tattoo sessions

Each session takes 1.5-2 hours

We can do 3-4 sessions in one day – depending on the schedule of the people / space we work out of.

We are not a pop-up style project as each session requires preparation – this means that a walk-in system doesn’t work.

We do our own promotion, so this is not a requirement of you, though if you’d like to help spread the word we appreciate it!

We do our own bookings.

If you’re a shop space that requires fees for your space or a cut of what artists make, at this stage unfortunately, it’s not the best fit for us. We try to keep our prices accessible to our community which means our budget doesn’t allow for this. We are open to trade and are generous humans who are willing to help out and balance the scales as we can.

We are clean, quiet and respectful – leaving your space cleaner than when you left it!

Currently, we travel and sleep in our van. If you are aware of a place where we can park our van with access to a kitchen and bathroom (or a spare room to stay in), please let us know. This helps us immensely.

If you’d like us to visit your city, please let us know! We need to have bookings secured before we arrive.

We promote via social media, the website and our largest clientele comes from word of mouth.




Thanks for reading and we hope to connect with you irl in your city!




A bit about us…

We’re queer, working class babes making our dreams a reality. We are not funded by an external source, investments or secret bank accounts. Our work is our only income and we’re continuing to expand on what we do. Our goal is to buy a van that we can work out of so that we can reach more people. We’re extremely grateful to everyone who participates in our project and supports our work, and look forward to connecting with more people across the globe.