I’ve been thinking about this time that we’re all experiencing together in terms of incubation. It reminds us that while it may appear like we’re doing nothing in the eyes of capitalism, we’re actively nurturing the new world into existence. Incubation allows us to observe the destruction that capitalism has on this living, breathing organism we exist on, as well as the bodies we exist within.

The world over, we’re being forced to do the exact same thing. This virus, like Aquarius, doesn’t discriminate. It takes everyone into consideration, everywhere. No one is spared. Therefore as we look at the world, and ourselves, from the inside out a consciousness shift is occurring. History shows us that major, fundamental changes in society, in how people think and what we think about is almost always accompanied by a collective event that forces the transmutation. It’s also often accompanied by great resistance from those who hold power. 

This incubation means that Capitalisms’ biggest fear can be realised: when our forced participation is halted we have time and space to ask legitimate questions such as, “Why do we work to live and eat?” “Why are we contributing to systems that hurt us and the planet?” “How do we deconstruct the old and build a more inclusive, equitable, respectful new?”  Whether you’re dependent on capitalism or capitalism is dependent on your poverty (financially, spiritually or mentally), the instability and inequality is being exposed as affecting everyone.

Daddy’s home

When Saturn changes signs, as it recently did from Capricorn to Aquarius, we’re confronted with our relationship to power and where we fall on the ladder of hierarchy and privilege. Saturn in Capricorn understands the need for systems and policies that offer structure and support. At home in an earth sign, it knows how to utilise resources such as oil, food, water, money, trade and labour.

Saturn: image by NASA

Aquarius is fundamentally aware of Capricorn. While Capricorn builds systems and creates structures that offer definition and protection, Aquarius follows and instantaneously highlights how those systems don’t always apply to people. Humans cannot be painted with one brush and rigidity doesn’t work with moving, evolving, emotional beings. With its defining rings, Saturn always brings in its wake the vulnerable, those cast out and rejected, abandoned to the “too hard” basket.

The greater mythology underpinning Saturn has been activated: the younger generation is rising up to castrate the old. Saturn moving into Aquarius releases any power that has been restrained. It has pulled down Daddy Capricorn’s pants for all to see. The utter humiliation that Capricorn feels at not being respected and in control exposes its callous underbelly. Power is not handed over gracefully with Saturn, there is always defiance and challenge. What we’re witnessing is desperation from the old world as it attempts to hold onto power as the new, inevitable emerges.

Saturn (Kronus to the Greeks) was forewarned by a prophecy that he would be overthrown by one of his children, just as he had overthrown his father Ouranus…so he devoured his children as they each were born.

Falling through the cracks

Jupiter is the biggest, most abundant planet in our Solar System. It generously bestows levity, optimism, achievement and good luck. But in Capricorn its hands are tied. Its usual expansion is bound by the rings of Saturn, dampening its mood and inhibiting it gift giving.

Jupiter is in its Fall in Capricorn. Currently also tied up with Pluto we’re collectively being exposed to those who have literally fallen through the cracks; those without access to healthcare, those who cannot work yet also cannot access employment insurance or Government grants, those who are in need and simultaneously forced to remain isolated and alone. The shadow is cast.

Jupiter in Capricorn is highlighting how bound we really are. It can’t come out blazing this year, offering us optimism and levity. It’s showing us what happens when power is in the wrong hands and when truth is corrupted. It’s dealing the cold, hard Capricorn truth: the systems that govern us are broken and we have a responsibility to fix them. Those who have privilege fear losing it, and those who lack it are eager for the exposure to ensure change going forward.

If Capricorn is good at anything, and it’s actually really good at a lot of things, it’s strategy. While under the shadow of Pluto and in the grip of Capricorn (which peaks in March, June and November 2020), we can learn with Jupiter and gather many resources. At the end of the year it will be released into Aquarius where it will join Saturn for a ribbon cutting ceremony, initiating a new 200 year cycle. What we learn this year will be nutrients in the soil of the new world; new ideas can take hold, technology can support us in living sustainably and our mental health can be acknowledged as a valuable resource. 

It’s not for nothing.

One of Saturn’s greatest lessons is responsibility. If we are witnessing the Earth replenishing itself while we’re incubating, if our mental health is better than ever as we tap into our natural rhythms and wake up without the jarring derailment of an alarm clock, then we all have a responsibility to not go back to what was.

There is no sugar coating what is unfolding right now, but it’s also not for nothing. Take this time to incubate and nurture your visions of a new world because they will be itching to hatch in December 2020. To move out of this incubation time as if nothing happened will mean that we relinquish responsibility and as we’re all realising, we’re dependant on the efforts of each other to get through. This is no time for imposter syndrome.

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