September Museletter

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I use technology and realised I never intended for most of my social life to be online, but now it is. Recognising this, the internet is obviously a mirror for what we can do without it. As we reduce conversations to sound bites, social justice issues to hashtags and externalise ourselves as bitmoji’s, our view of reality becomes increasingly narrow and intolerance festers.

I’ve been actively engaging with the ‘web’ of connectivity that existed before, and outside of, the internet and have become more aware of what I “plug into.” To use the internet, or a third party, in place of developing my own ability to connect reiterates the old Earth paradigm that we’re moving out of.

Another theme I’ve heard reiterated of late is that many are having difficulty manifesting the vision, grounding plans, and being able to bank on an outcome. We’re in the midst of so much change that’s it’s more important than ever we are able to hear ourselves.

In the past 200 years top down models of authority have dominated. Growth has been defined as capitalistic gain where “climbing the ladder” puts you above others and, therefore, more entitled to basic rights and security. In this time we have built more roads, pipelines and train tracks than you could ever put on one map. The old tricks and tools we are still carrying from the Earth cycle no longer apply in the new Air world. We can’t implement the old rules of manifestation, expecting that laying brick upon brick will offer us safety and security. This shift from Earth to Air is uncomfortable. It’s not an easy transition as they are not complementary elements who work well together, so it’s not surprising that life is a bit chaotic and unpredictable right now.

We are all connected in ways that are not electricity, internet, or word and thought dependant. We are not separate from the Universe, nor nature. We are the Universe and we are at the very early stages of a new cycle.

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