Is Mercury Retrograde again?

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Mercury is involved in a complete cluster fuck right now! If shit is hitting the fan, you’re losing your mind, plans are being derailed and you’ve torn almost all of your hair out, STEP AWAY. BREATHE. Come back to it later.
I like to think of mercury retrograde times as the universe giving the big 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼to capitalism. It throws a spanner in the works and asks us to reassess, review and rethink things. Life is cyclical, capitalism exists in a constant Summer.
Being in sagittarius , we’re asked to address those dreams that are still waiting to find their avenue of manifestation, to be really sure about our relationship to freedom and how responsible we are for it, and to think outside the box. Mercury in Sagittarius climbs in the side window, it doesn’t walk in the front door. Dare to think differently right now – find alternate options that broaden your view on a situation.
This Merc Rx also coincides with a Full Moon in Gemini on Dec 3. Did I say cluster fuck!? Mercury is holding the reigns on this full Moon, and we’re being steered into unknown waters. Nothing is clear right now, and the best suggestion is to get creative, partake in your own expression of spirituality and go with that flow.
Frustrations have been on HIGH this last week. It will pass. Everything always does. But right now is not the time to exert militant control or push your own agenda. Through Mercury’s journey, there will be consequences to hasty decisions and crash landings for plans that don’t ground in reality, we will have to revisit some painful conversations and revisit what it is we value.
Be open to learning, and be sure to listen; communication is a two way street.
MERC RX Dec 2-23.

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