Johnny Depp & Amber Heard defamation trial

With Depp hailed as the hero, Perseus, having slain Medusa’s head, Heard continues to be trolled online. A new study reveals her case is one of our worst cyber-bullying campaigns ever.

This trial showed us how technology is shaping our reality & how susceptible we are to propaganda. When less than 14% of AI developers are women, and young women & girls are more likely to be targeted for online abuse & harassment than men, it’s time we addressed the misogyny being embedded into the technology we use.

The broadcast trial reflected our collective shadow back to us.

I wrote a thing about it. Click this link & share it around your interwebs, & with your mates who might be down the rabbit hole. The trajectory of technology is everyone’s responsibility & this trial was a warning bell in the guise of entertainment.

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