Landscape shapes us



Crossing this continent we’ve spent so much time in wide open spaces. I’m always curious about how our physical landscape shapes our internal one. Like when I lived in Ireland 💕🌲💕 it was obvious: the people are the land & the land is the people. It was a continuum. There was no separation.

We had a ✨great connection✨ with folks who live out in Desert Hot Springs yesterday. They personified the desert ~ their landscape ~ in their warmth & the amount of space they offered.
I don’t know how else to explain it. The way they moved in space, shared space, took up space & offered space all had so much expanse.
I definitely feel like all the things that roll around inside me have more space to exist since we’ve been in such places. We’re out in Joshua Tree ~ camped out under the endless starry sky 🌌🌌🌌🔭 & getting all the Vit D we’ve been deprived of up north


The horizon is distant & the land can at times appear sparse, but there’s SO MUCH between it & us.

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