Leo Season


With all this Leo energy in the sky & all around, there is great potential for the ego to take the throne. The journey of Leo is one of returning back to the self.
Our Leo-selves leave the safe nest that previous sign, Cancer, has cultivated & we set out to find something more…but it begins by seeking it in people & places & accolades that are outside ourselves.

In encountering life’s challenges & tests, feeling great & small, being seduced by the roar of the crowd & the constant chase for more, Leo grants us the potential to realise that all we’ve been searching for in external validation has been inside us the whole time. If we’re constantly chasing our own tail & are not satisfied, the ego has taken the wheel & our sense of self is no longer based in who we truly are.

Leo offers us the opportunity to recognise our own unique greatness & power while not being distracted by the needs of the ego. Are you searching for the roar of the crowd or are you owning your Leo lion & letting us hear you from your most vulnerable, authentic parts?

Leo is great. Already. Our entire solar system revolves around its ruling ‘planet’, the Sun. 🌞 The Sun doesn’t need a reminder of how powerful it is, how its warmth lights up a room when it walks in & how hot it looks in that new outfit. Balanced Leo energy walks around knowing…because we have gone the distance & have arrived back home & respect our own continual creative expression of ourselves.

Dive deep loverz. Don’t turn your back on yourself.

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