Let the light in. Let the light out.

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The Moon’s in #leo, loverz & #venus is still retrograde…edging toward the cuddle puddle with #chiron in #pisces at the end of it all.


• Venus has been gently/not so gently pushing us to take a look at what we value, who we share our precious life resources with & where we place ourselves amongst it all.


••• How are you faring?•••


✨ As #saturn is turning #retrograde too, we’re being called to solidify the changes we know we need to implement, to have our lives reflect the ways in which we value ourselves & everything we interact with. Living an authentic life means being responsible for your freedom. Being responsible for your freedom can mean paying rent on time while you’re living your dream, putting yourself first where you’ve developed patterns of dependence.


• However it is for you, be brave & step into ✨your own light✨. Come out from any shadows of your past & step up to the plate of living your fullest, truest, most sincere expression of yourself.


••• What are you waiting for? •••



#venusretrograde #40daychallenge #loversofthelight #saturninsagittarius #ariesseason #walkthroughthefire photo cred & 💘 @jfancydesigns

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