Listening: Pisces Season

This footage from Dylan Winter sums up my feelings of Pisces Season.

picses constelation


Pisces season can be a confusing time if we’re not connected. Feeling aimless, lethargic, depressed and despondent can all be sign posts from this deeply intuitive time that we need to reconnect with Source.


Pisces is represented by 2 fish swimming in opposing directions. Messengers who are gathering information, one fish is in the dream world, with the ancestors, deep in prayer and gratitude, submerged in the etherial…the other is here on earth, transcribing the messages for us through poetry, song and the subtle messages of birds in the trees and the wind blowing a certain direction. #areyoulistening


The universe is always talking to us and through us. Pisces season asks that we listen to the subtleties, that we remember that we’re always connected to that other fish and that we stop running in a million directions only to find what’s inside of us.


We are both fishes. Staying connected to what gives us meaning, respecting our dreams and visions and not remaining in one world over the other is imperative to our survival. If we lean too much into the dream world we become ungrounded, unable to stay focussed in the day to day and find it hard to relate. If we lose connection with our intuitive fish and bring all of our energy into this world we become run down, our life lacks meaning and we deem our dreams unimportant. When we feel not worthy, capitalism takes every precious breath out of us for inadequate compensation. #isthiswhatlifeisallabout


Whether there’s meaning behind life or not, Pisces season asks that we remember what it is that makes us feel connected, and to honour the processes that the mundane, capitalistic world can’t see or appreciate. We each have the 2 fishes inside of us and by maintaining a clear tether between them we know our truth and we value our insights enough to trust them in guiding us through this daily existence.

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