Living Room Sessions

The stars & planets can feel so far away while astrologically they reflect the undeniable intensity brewing inside of us and in our world. Living Room Sessions bring the sky back home while connecting community members in a meaningful way.

Living Room Sessions are hosted by Dru Ish in living rooms and community spaces across the country. Each session discusses astrology in relation to current world events while also exploring where these energies are manifesting in each person’s chart.

Living Room Sessions Winnipeg
Living Room Sessions, Winnipeg. Image: Roi Jones

These workshop style sessions are designed to be affordable & accessible for both the novice and those who love knowing what it all means, while bridging the gap between our individualistic world and primal need for connection.

Dru Ish is a professional astrologer who has been reading the sky for over 20 years. They have a passion for being connected to community in meaningful ways and following the leads between seemingly unrelated people and events. They offer readings while also touring their Astro Tattoo sessions project with Jessika Fancy. You can read more about Dru and their practice here, read blogs and follow them on IG.

If you would like to participate in Living Room Sessions in your community, sign up below. Due to the intimate setting, numbers are limited.

Winnipeg, MB

Minneapolis, MN

Upcoming events:

Montreal, QC

Chapel Hill, NC

New York, NY

Denver, CO

If you’d like to host in your living room and create space for connection, community and learning, please be in touch!

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