We are constantly inundated with the worst expressions of #mars : violence, aggression, domination, war ~ we’re all familiar with our patriarchal indoctrination that is one eyed & stepping on others to win for the sake of winning. ✨⚔️✨


Many of us are brought up being told that this is the only way to express our #marsenergy .We all have Mars in our charts & we’re all affected by Mars in the sky at every moment…but Mars is a warrior & in its best expression it is a body guard, a protector & one who fights for the underdog. ✨⚔️✨


With all this #aries energy building in the sky this month, get your Mars out! 🔊 Speak up for those who are silenced. 💪🏼 Stand up for those who are held down. Find your ☄️Mars💥 & unleash it toward the old, oppressive powers that need to remember that we are here & that when we’re working in solidarity our unifying force is unstoppable.🔥 ✨⚔️✨


Watch this space 🎯 for an #astrooracle coming to you from @jfancydesigns & myself ☺️💥


#marsmarsmars #whatwillyoudo #takeaction #resist #riseup #revolt #getfucked #aquariusseason #marsinaries #astrology ✌🏼

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