Mars RX in Gemini – Live discussion

Mars will turn retrograde this year when the veil between the worlds is thinnest. Nocturnal and Autumnal, this Rx passage initiates while we’re losing leaves, letting go and drawing inward. It will take us through the deepest stillness of Winter Solstice, into 2023.

Join me on October 30th as the door to Mars’ lair flings open! We’ll talk about why Mars Rx in Gemini specifically is the sign where Mars has great potential to go sideways, and spring a few surprises. Bring your charts, we’ll see where it’s kicking up dust for you, and map Mars’ journey to find the speed bumps and fireworks.

The paper clip, fire extinguisher and safety pin were all invented in Mars’ Rx journey through Gemini! It’s a curious, shape-shifting time. It might appear to be light and fluffy on the Gemini surface, but we will no doubt see this transit from both sides.

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Sunday October 30th
8pm EDT / 5 PST

Mars SRX October 30, 2022 – 25* Gemini
Mars Direct January 13, 2023 – 8* Gemini

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