Mars Rx midpoint live discussion

Mars will reach the mid point of its cycle on December 8th, opposing the Sun, on the Gemini Full Moon. It’s all quite dramatic, really! It has been quite an eventful transit so far, with ongoing debates around free speech, gun laws, fraud and space missions. It’s typical Mars Rx stuff, and no less exhausting to go through.

We had an initial meeting on October 30th when Mars began to retrace its steps. We looked at the cycle of Mars, patterns likely to unfold, and historic events embedded in this cycle. You can read all about the current Mars Rx cycle here.

Part 2 will be held on December 8th, 8pm EST. Check your time zone here. We will look at the 2022 world events that Mars has been pushing, and it’s an opportunity to share your own Mars Rx stories that have presented, too.

Sign up here – $10, and if you’d like your chart used in the discussion, please let me know beforehand. Live attendance only – it won’t be recorded.

See you there, under the light of the Full Moon!

~ Dru

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