Mercury Cazimi, May 2023

Your self-driving car might drive off a cliff, but don’t worry!

This is an excerpt from Dru’s Muse on Substack. Read the full article here.

As Mercury passes through the Sun today it marks the mid-point of its retrograde cycle today at 11 degree Taurus. News headlines read “Don’t worry!” as another bank crashes and AI continues to hurtle forward uninhibited, unregulated into unknown territory. Unbelievable!

Mercury retrograding through Taurus brings revisions in the area where Taurus inhabits your chart. It poses turnarounds with regard to your material world, $, luxury items, property and cattle, what you’re sustaining yourself with, and where you’re invested in securing long-term growth.

This year, Mercury stationed retrograde on April 21st in close proximity to Uranus. Because of this, the usual kerfuffle that Merc Perks bring is injected with an extra dose of destabilisation and surprise. Uranus loves surprises, and Mercury is the trickster. Combined in Taurus, they bring the unexpected into view by disrupting that which we have become overly reliant on.

Mercury passes through the Sun on May 1, 2023 at 11 degrees Taurus

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