Mercury Retrograde highlights white supremacy

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This #mercuryretrograde is in #virgo . SMACK. BANG. IN. THE. MIDDLE. OF. ECLIPSE. SEASON. Virgo rules digestion. It governs the assimilation, dissection & processing of information. It’s an earth sign that wants to materialise, manifest & produce something from what it assimilates. .
This means that we’re dealing with our own shit. The #eclipse is highlighting aspects of ourselves, our society, our communities that are hard to look at. What’s being exposed can be hard to digest…both personally & publicly…& yet sitting in our own shit is the only way out of it.
This white supremacist dialogue is not in an American vacuum. Not growing up in America & not being American I am all too aware of the dominant American agenda & rhetoric. But this is more than that. This time, these events, these revelations, this exposure can be utilised for the benefit of everyone. .
This eclipse is traveling across the US, highlighting the shit, giving us all opportunity to see how complicit we are, wherever we are.
Virgo has amazing powers of discernment that are best used in service to others. It’s no coincident that this is all happening right now. Holding on to your shit is toxic, & anyone who’s healed anything knows that you have to dive deep before you can reemerge. Mercury Rx is a time to reevaluate, reassess, relearn. Take the time to thoroughly digest what is coming up & make use of what you learn.

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This is as true of our spiritual journey as it is of our sacred activism and dismantling systems of oppression.
Critics of my open letter to spiritual white women on white supremacy have accused me of fueling hatred, shame, division and reverse racism (!) through the points I have made in my letter. However I know that at no point did I say anything to the effect of ‘I hate white women’ or ‘white women should be ashamed of themselves’. As I mentioned at the beginning of the letter, the vast majority of the women I serve through my business happen to be white women. I wrote this letter not as an accusation, but as an invitation…Please read full post @wildmysticwoman ~ #fuckwhitesupremacy#thisisourshit

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