Mercury Rx October 2022

Here we go again…around and around and around we go!

Mercury is edging its way out of the Air triplicity to retrograde through the Earth signs: say what you mean and mean what you say.

Mercury retrograde 2022

This Rx cycle will see Mercury pass through the Sun at 0 Libra, opening the door for Venus to pass through the Sun at 29 Libra next month. That’s a lot of activity for Libra! Al Biruni says that Libra is the air that “causes trees to grow, fertilises them and produces fruit.

This Mercury Rx will back track over the recent past to check on the seeds you may have planted wherever Libra resides in your chart: don’t water that which you don’t want to grow. The Air element activates the mind, intellect, sociability and gentleness, so take this as an opportunity to gracefully look back over recent interactions and commitments. Tweak that which needs attention and encourage that which you want to flourish.

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Mercury enters pre-shadow: August 21, 2022
Mercury Stations Rx: September 10 @ 8 Libra
Mercury Cazimi: September 23rd @ 0 Libra
Mercury stations Direct: October 2 @ 24 Virgo
Mercury leave shadow: October 17, 2022

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