Mercury Rx through fixed signs sparks the intergenerational dynamic

On this day as Mercury stations direct to resume forward motion again, the cyclical nature of life is reinforced. Capitalism encourages us to be in a constant state of Summer, mass producing shit we don’t need, posting just to keep up with an algorithm, fuelled by an inferiority complex that the next person will do it if we don’t. It’s a lie.

Mercury retrograde through the fixed signs activates intergenerational dynamics

In the spirit of acknowledging the cyclical rhythm of life and its events, I’ve been watching Mercury Rx through fixed signs. It seems to activate the tensions between Boomers and Millennials who both have a major portion of those populations with Pluto in fixed signs Leo and Scorpio. The phrase “OK Boomer” has been around for a while, but it only really took off in November, 2019 when Mercury traced its way back through Scorpio, activating the generational ties that bind. I wrote a lot about it at the time and the theory still sticks. Embedded in this Mercury Rx cycle we are emerging from is the tense Saturn-Uranus square that is also occurring across fixed signs.

There’s a LOT of change transpiring right now, and fixed signs don’t like to be hurried. As we evolve together into a new era it will require conscious effort cross-generationally to offer enough space to grow and deliver information in a way that can be received. Generating our (air) ideologies in these social media platforms has the potential to homogenise critical thinking and create fear in asking questions. Language is one of the main vehicles of this new era and while it’s currently being funnelled through the harsh critique of Saturn we also have the Jupiterian opportunity to learn and grow, and not hide our bigotry behind the notion of free speech.

It’s tense right now. There’s no escaping that. The old guard is being challenged and it’s coming down. That applies to everyone, however old or young. Saturn and Uranus always bring the possibility of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, therefore, it’s each of our responsibility to check where we hold resistance to change. If this Aquarius era is a group effort and no one is left behind, nurturing our shared humanity is surely worth developing over consumption and competition.

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Millenials, Gen X and Boomers all cohabitate in Scorpio
Millenials, Gen X and Boomers all cohabitate in Scorpio

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