Mercury is the planet of communication, deals and connections. When you’re looking for your pen and it’s behind your ear, that’s Mercury. When the person next to you on the train wants a chat, Mercury is making a brief stop in your day.

Whether you talk, nod, yell, remain silent or wave your arms around, all forms of communication are ruled by Mercury.

Following are links for various pages relating to Mercury and its cycle.

Mars retrograde in Gemini 2022-23

Mars in Gemini 2022 - Dru Ish
Mars in Gemini 2022 – Dru Ish

Mars initiated its retrograde passage this year when the veil between worlds was thinnest. It’s a time when nature is losing leaves and we are drawing our energy inward, preparing to close the life cycle birthed in Spring.

Numerous cultures around the world mark this calendar time as a period to honour the dead. The sky reflects this with the Heliacal rising of the nebula, or open star cluster, The Pleiades. Traditionally used as an eyesight test for archers (Brady p.237), the symbolism of this cluster rising can translate into relying on insight, our third eye and seeing in the dark, over what appears on the surface. This serves as reinforcement for Mars who will be crossing thresholds in its passage through Gemini.

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Mercury Retrograde dates 2016-2022

Mercury retrograde periods occur three to four times per year for about three weeks in order of elemental occurrence: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, changing element every six to seven years.

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Mercury Rx in Libra ~ remembering our interconnectedness

Each Mercury Rx this year occurs in the Air signs. This one unearths what lies below the Libran desire for diplomacy and mutual gain. Where we have previously been tip-toeing through difficulties and polarising view points, we are likely to see in this time frame a recalibration of our own relationship to justice and fairness, and a clear view into how imbalance and disconnection from each other pervades all areas of our lives.

Mercury in Libra - interconnected
Mercury in Libra – interconnected

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Mercury Rx through fixed signs sparks the intergenerational dynamic

In the spirit of acknowledging the cyclic rhythms of life and its events, I’ve been watching Mercury Rx through fixed signs. It seems to activate the tensions between Boomers and Millennials who both have a major portion of those populations with Pluto in fixed signs Leo and Scorpio.

Mercury Rx through fixed signs sparks the intergenerational dynamic

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Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio detox

Mercury Retrograde cycles coincide with large numbers of people going offline for a short term reset-detox. It makes sense considering Mercury is the messenger of the cosmos, retrograde periods call us to review, revisit, reset and technology pervades most aspects of daily life.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio detox
Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio detox

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Mercury Rx activates the ties that bind Boomers, Millennials and GenX

Mercury retrograde is a phenomenon that occurs approximately 3 times per year, every year. Having gained recent popularity due to a surge of interest in spirituality amongst Millennials, it is technically not classified as a “big hitter” in astrology. This most recent retrograde however, was more than just the brilliant eclipse across the Sun. It stirred the generational pot, activating unconscious ties between Boomers, Gen X and Millennials. It triggered both their similarities and disparities, prompting an already existing aggravation into mass protest across the globe, and a surge of memes, articles and analysis online.

Millenials, Gen X and Boomers all cohabitate in Scorpio
Millenials, Gen X and Boomers all cohabitate in Scorpio

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Today the Sun, the great illuminator, takes Mercury under its wing and protects it. Shielded by blazing light, all of Mercury’s qualities, all of the back tracking and digging, all that has been unearthed in the first part of this Retrograde cycle pause for a moments grace.
Mercury retrograde in Scorpio 11/11/2019. Source: NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory

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Scorpio depths are not the periphery

The effects might not be visible on the periphery, but so much is stirring inside, below the surface.

It’s not ‘normal’ for us to be existing with constant grief, over stimulation & anxiety, & no one is spared right now. Mercury retrograde cycles are great opportunities for us to go off line, spending less time in the loop of scrolling & more time listening to what’s asking for our attention.

Scorpio depths are not the periphery – Mercury retrograde in Scorpio

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What’s on the table?

The image of Mercury digging in its heels is as awkward as it feels. It’s time to stop. Reassess. The wings are grounded and there is no flight. Any lofty ideals crash to earth for a reality check and the more you push the harder it becomes.


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Pisces Season: the path of least resistance

Pisces loves the deep dive. The waters of emotion stir & we remember what gives us meaning, what moves us & what connects us. As our life-giving Sun edges closer & closer toward Neptune we’re made increasingly aware of the clash between our ideals, our dreams & visions ~ & the cold hard reality being dished up by the clusterfuck over in Capricorn.

Pisces Season 2020
Pisces Season 2020

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Be like a tree and leaf!

After leaving San Francisco yesterday we headed for the Redwoods in Northern California. I chose this spot and this date purposefully knowing Mercury would be Rx, knowing that it’s Samhain and knowing I need to be in nature at this time of year, every year.

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I’m not a cat

As Saturn & Uranus battle it out, the old guard is being challenged by the new front, illuminating limits & points of resistance.

Can we thank Mercury for adding Merc Perk Gold like this to the mix at a much needed time?

I'm not a cat - Mercury retrograde Boomer tech fail
I’m not a cat – Mercury retrograde Boomer tech fail

Watch the Mercury Retrograde Boomer tech fail

Waiting in the shadows

Mercury has two shadow phases within its retrograde cycle signalling the entry and departure into its underworld time.

Mercury Retrograde 2019
Mercury Retrograde 2019

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Stay tender. Stay true

This Rx cycle began with Mercury & Venus conjoined, bonded deep in it, having both travelled through most of Scorpio’s terrain together. While Venus has since moved on to greener, more abundant Sagittarian pastures, Mercury will remain in Scorpio for the duration of this Rx. Not crossing any borders into another signs terrain, the energy is contained…for the most part.

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Is Mercury Retrograde again?

Mercury is involved in a complete cluster fuck right now! If shit is hitting the fan, you’re losing your mind, plans are being derailed and you’ve torn almost all of your hair out, STEP AWAY. BREATHE. Come back to it later.

Mercury is still retrograde – image by Dru Ish

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21 Day Mercury Retrograde Challenge!

There is often a lot of talk about battening down the hatches, taking cover and being prepared for when the Mercury Retrograde cycle happens upon us. While I can appreciate the awareness that so many people have of this planetary cycle and its tri-yearly apparent backward motion, it seems poor Mercury has succumbed to a bit of bad press and the shit end of the pop-astrology stick. It really isn’t something to dread. Sometimes it delivers frustrating situations, yeah life does that, but really, it can be utilized as a great time to look at the things that are frustrating us and review the recent past. If you’re aware of it happening, you can consciously use the time to benefit you.

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Avoidance is not a boundary

Lessons learnt in the recent Mercury Retrograde cycle in Pisces…& lez be real, whenever we encounter gaslighting & ghosting on the daily. Avoidance leaves situations open to misinterpretation & energetic attachments that drain our energy.

Avoidance is not a boundary
Avoidance is not a boundary

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Merc Perks

Merc Perks
Merc Perks

This Aries season has been driven by the force of Capricorn since it began! This retrograde period is a great example of how different Aries & Capricorn are, but also what can be achieved when they work together.

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Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Every Retrograde cycle gives us opportunity to review the past, to get so irritated with complications that we change things…& this cycle, being in hard working virgo asks us to get real, to put our feet on the ground & put those busy-Virgo-brain thoughts into action.

Mercury retrograde in Virgo
Mercury retrograde in Virgo

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