Monday, May 18th

In the wee hours of the morning the Moon makes contact with Chiron, the Wounded Healer as the Sun finishes up its cake-fest with Jupiter.

Chiron’s return to Aries has brought our collective healing to a new level. While the world is crying out for communal and collective effort, Chiron is asking that we don’t forget ourselves and don’t sacrifice any efforts we’ve made in our own self-healing and understanding. This exchange happens early in the day and it frees us up to enjoy the warmth and spontaneity of the Fire element, as well as the opening of the gates to easier communication.

Venus is still at 21* Gemini with Capella but is edging closer to a connection with Neptune. This can blur Venus’s boundaries, make us more hopeful about the prospect of socialising with each other sooner rather than later…but unfortunately it can blind us from seeing reality. If you are moving about in the world, be mindful that there will likely be a shift in the pandemic narrative as this Venus-Neptune dance continues. Neptune knows no boundaries.

In relationships, this connection can manifest as “rose coloured glasses” and projecting our desires onto others, only to have reality come knocking abruptly.

Have you been noticing anything in your relationships / friendships / connections with regard to boundaries / lack of, expectations, a fall from grace? Are you communicating your desires? Are you satisfied with yourself and those you’re with? Are there any issues you know you’re sweeping under the rug? Has your relationship status changed?