Financial incentives outweigh the threat of perjury 

Depp is surrounded by ‘yes people’. His close inner circle described themselves as loyal, but what are they loyal to when his head of security was paid $10,000 per day?

To keep this gravy train going, everyone around him needed to work in unison. It’s too much to lose to be cut from the fold, so instead of speaking up, it’s easier to watch, protect and deny. There are so many more people who were complicit to this ongoing abuse than were present at this trail. No doubt, people will speak up as time goes on, unless everyone has been forced to sign an NDA.

Depp’s financial situation means he can buy whatever he wants, from $500 bottles of wine, to testimony from experts, and silence from adversaries. The amount of money that passed through this trial is unimaginable to most of us, as is his lifestyle:

A hand specialist was paid $1000 p/hour to testify.

Dr Shannon Curry, the forensic psychologist testifying for Depp went to dinner at Depp’s home with the actor and his legal team just prior to the trial.

Depp owns an entire island in the Bahamas.

Depp bought multiple properties on Sweetzer Avenue, a cul de sac in Hollywood.

Depp sold a yacht to JK Rowling for $27 million.

In Depp’s daily life, $500 bottles of wine are consumed like water. To sober up, he paid Dr Kipper $100,000 per month to facilitate sobriety in which he continued to consume weed and wine.

Depp’s lavish lifestyle narrated by an AI bot.

There’s no denying that it sounds like Depp is generous, but when abuse is a vein that runs through the system, the generosity needs to be parsed out to determine what is grooming and what is procuring loyalty.

To comprehend the reality in which he lives, and is protected within, most of us will never gain access to know. For Depp, when you’re in as deep as he is, it’s likely too difficult to decipher who’s who anymore, and that much harder to make changes. I can’t imagine he went home every night feeling secure in the people he surrounds himself with.

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