Catch the winds of change…

sailsDoes yesterday’s Sun-Pluto conversation have you shaking your head today saying ‘WTFF!?’ 😳 You might be looking around at all that needs to change in your life…you might be feeling a tad irritated. Maybe you lost your shit…maybe you kept it together & now you’re wondering where to put all this energy. Perfect! #keepgoing You’re reading the signs clearly! 🙌🏼✨
Squares + cardinal energy offer us a kick start. It’s motivational energy that can come wrapped in frustration. It may feel like a jolt, it may feel like you don’t know where to start amongst all the layers of oppression & rules, regulations & standards imposed by capitalism…but anything you do now in relation to what needs to change can only benefit your future self.
Do whatever will bring you peace today, but don’t expect it to take all the tension away. If you take time out to regroup with a cup of tea ☕️, or a bath 🛁, or whatever brings your chill, make sure you do something that soaks up the #capricorn energy while you’re at it. Draw a #map of your future life. Write a list 📝. Name your goals✅. Capricorn is hella ambitious & wants to succeed, but without a map it can get narrow in its #vision. Envision where you want these #windsofchange to take you & be sure to lean on the #libralove in the sky & beautify the journey. .💞
The #moon 🌙 is wedged in between #mars & #pluto for most of today 😖…so don’t go expecting to dock in calm waters anytime soon…but do what ever it takes to bring #peace & #equilibrium into your life…& be kind to yourself amidst all the rough seas.
#whatthefuckinfuck #yougotthis #takethelead #justkeepgoing 👣 #letthelovein #tension=change #loveyou 😘

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