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Neptune is passing through the Sun this week. As it does so, it also reaches out to a few other planets, further distorting the truth, illuminating the ideal, and wiping out any stores of energy you may have built up since Mars went direct. The storm will pass, but it’s also a good opportunity for a re-set if you’re overwhelmed, burnt out, or confused.

Neptune rules gas, oil, drugs, poison, steam, perfume, mysticism, prayer & media… It runs the gamut of things that take us ‘beyond’ while being in the body, as well as ruling the unseen that can have toxic and lethal implications.

This week we can re-learn to see with our eyes closed. Trusting our senses and intuition over the inundation of media, loaded with suggestion, will be a massive test in the coming years. Part of our journey with Neptune is to acknowledge and take responsibility for that which is toxic and causing harm by asserting personal integrity and boundaries. Wipe that slate clean and start again with intentional clarity.


Gaslighting was Merriam-Webster’s word of the year in 2022. That says a lot about the culture we’re living in. We see gaslighting playing out in the way we treat the planet, and each other, from personal interactions to the workplace, as well as family and governmental misuse of power.

“…in recent years, we have seen the meaning of gaslighting refer also to something simpler and broader: “the act or practice of grossly misleading someone, especially for a personal advantage.” In this use, the word is at home with other terms relating to modern forms of deception and manipulation, such as fake news, deepfake, and artificial intelligence.”


With technology saturating our lives, and excessive media consumption embedded with suggestion, there’s currently little room for questions (& answers), discussion, transparency and sincere apology. The race to be first, the best, richest, most powerful with the most followers is a form of gaslighting as we disconnect from ourselves and each other.

Neptune is re-birthing itself this week in Pisces, and Saturn is dipping its toe into the same waters. The next few years will be an interesting mix of pushing beyond the limits of safety, and defining what those limits are. The truth, what truth is, and who has the authority to say what is and isn’t true is all dissolving and changing shape. We will have to become more adept at noticing when we’re being gaslit, as well as responsible for not furthering the problem by unconsciously doing it to others.

Following are 5 ways you may be gaslighting yourself, and others:

Coffee is the drug of capitalism. It doesn’t actually give you energy, it blocks the receptor that would naturally let you know you’re tired, which begs the question: Why are there so many people experiencing burn out? It’s interesting how drugs like marijuana (which slows a lot of people down) and hallucinogens (which pose bigger life questions about WTF is going on here) have been made illegal, or are now regulated by Government legislation. They don’t favour production, and churn and burn performance.

You don’t need to go faster to keep up. The system is inherently ableist, gaslighting you by not recognising natural rhythms and allowing a multitude of different ways that we can exist outside of it. Coffee is not fuel, it’s more like having a hole in your petrol tank and filling it constantly instead of making repairs. Your breath is your fuel.

Social media & influencer culture, capitalism & patriarchy all pit us against each other. Instead of working together, we gaslight ourselves by operating from scarcity and FOMO. Truth is, there’s enough for everyone, and there’s even more when we share.

Fear contracts, reduces and hoards, while love and sharing expands, opens the heart and makes us curious. Love is a positive feedback loop. Life isn’t a race, and there’s no destination to actually get to. Where ever there is, no one’s going to get there first. Even if you did, you’d prob’ly end up being lonely because we’re social creatures, in this together. If you find it hard to ask for help, or critique those who do, you might be spinning in a Neptune wash of falsity and cultural toxicity.

Everybody deals with gender, but LGBTQ people receive the projection of it being a problem. If you have an opinion about other people’s bodies, what others’ do with their bodies, deliberately ignore pronouns, feel fear about saying ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ or think that your experience of gender is being eradicated, then you may have been co-opted by the same agenda that is telling you LGBTQ people are the problem.

Are LGBTQ voices really that loud or have some utilised technology to make it sound that way?

LGBTQ people are a reeeeaaaalllly small minority in the population, so the emphasis on us is disproportionate. Why so much fear projected on those who reflect personal sovereignty and creativity by breaking the heteronausiating mould? Don’t gaslight yourself, or us. It’s not about nature, or biology, it’s about control. Gender is not an LGBTQ issue, and neither is violence against our communities. If you say “protect the childrentry saying what you really mean: if you don’t care about protecting all children, you potentially only care about protecting heterosexual children. All adult LGBTQ people were children once. We’ve always been here, we know who we are, and we’re not going away.

Has anyone asked you if you consent to technology infiltrating every aspect of life? Who’s steering this ship? How do we opt out? Is anyone getting any answers?

Meta, Google, Apple and Microsoft together generated $255.7 BILLION US DOLLARS in 2022, & they’re asking you to pay for a blue check mark to show you believe the lie? Pfffft. While big tech corporations steer this ship, you can bet that the technology being developed is not for our betterment, but for the expansion of power through wealth, and access to data. Surprise! Surprise! There’s no customer service line to call. How convenient.

Why is AI being rolled out so fast when most people don’t even know what it is? We’re being bamboozled and we can’t think straight (!). How do you know that your opinions are even your own when we live in a time of suggestion saturation and an algorithmic curated live stream?

Consistent use of technology, and now AI, will inevitably erode and distort your connection with yourself, your natural instinctual responses, and intelligence. Eventually, you may lack the ability to know the difference between nature and synthetic replication. Just because AI can spit out data in milliseconds doesn’t make it better. It may make some things more efficient, but it has a high probability of making humans into robots, while telling us they’re making robots in the likeness of humans. Stay smart. You’re going to need yourself in the coming years.

Don’t gaslight yourself, there’s enough of it going around already. Hold the image in your mind’s eye of a world without deception.

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