Nuclear fusion achieved in the Mars Rx cycle

While we’re all distracted by Twitter Gate, some smart folks over in California have achieved nuclear fusion for the first time. This is huge news for a lot of reasons, not to mention that it occurs amidst an energy crisis. It means we can have a renewable global energy source that produces zero carbon emissions. Clean energy!

This nuclear fusion process, which differs from nuclear fission that generates power in a reactor, replicates the energy production in stars, and our Sun. It combines two particles into one, producing more energy than was used to create it. Marv Adams explained that scientists at the National Ignition Facility (!) directed 192 laser beams into the inner wall of a capsule that deposited and subsequently produced energy faster than light. That’s VERY fast and is a significant advancement for us on Earth. Bring on the quantum computer!

It’s also a similar addition to the repertoire of other inventions and discoveries in the Mars Retrograde in Gemini archive. With Mars in the sign of the Twins, initiating its cycle in Libra, merging two particles to form one and produce energy, sounds like a text book scenario.

Performed by using LASER, which stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation, this event is linked to the Mars Rx cycle back in 1958 when laser was invented. Mars was retrograde in Taurus, having begun its retrograde journey in Gemini. It’s because of this invention that we have this fusion situation today. The Guardian reports, “since nuclear fusion research began in the 1950s, researchers have been unable to a demonstrate a positive energy gain, a condition known as ignition.”

Mars, ruling ignition and energy production, has produced a lot of ground breaking things in its long Gemini Rx cycle. To understand how significant this recent development is, think of how impactful infrared (night vision / remote control / baby monitors), radiation (X-rays), the internet (CERN), and the electric car have all been on daily life. They were all birthed in this same repeating cycle.

On the same day as Mars’ recent midpoint, December 8, James Maxwell presented a paper in 1864, A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field, to the Royal Society in London, when Mars was retrograde in Gemini. He treated light as an electromagnetic wave for the first time. This was a massive leap in our understanding of the universe. To think that something that was postulated in 1864 is having impact on scientific advancements today reminds us that not everything we do has immediate recognition. Sometimes our contributions are links in a long chain that we have no idea we’re contributing to. To hear more about this Mars retrograde in Gemini cycle, follow this lead.

If nuclear energy scares you, that’s fair. Human’s have not been the most responsible with this power and playing with it has been catastrophic. Unfortunately, according to Dolores Cannon, we have this negative association imprinted on something that was meant to be beneficial for us. Let’s hope we’re not taxed to high hell for free energy and we can use it for our benefit, simultaneously giving this Earth a break from our ignorance. Let’s use this Gemini energy to move toward win-win situations.

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