October Offerings

For the month of October, I am leaning into the liminality that this time of year brings forth, offering 4 different kinds of readings, and 3 live discussions.

Live Discussions

Mars Retrograde in Gemini: Shooting Blanks

Saturn in Aquarius: The impact on each Saturn generation

Astrology and Social Media: A round-table discussion hosted by Deborah Houlding

My hope is that these conversations will inspire more live group discussions that contribute to us all being supported in a multitude of ways through this never-before time we’re experiencing.

Mars Rx in Gemini: Shooting Blanks

October 30th, 2022

8pm EDT / 5pm PST / 11am EADT

Mars Rx in Gemini always starts off on the wrong foot, & is therefore one of the hardest passages for Mars. It is under resourced and often distracted away from its notorious sharp pointed focus.

While we might think of Gemini as superficial & lacking depth, this Rx journey begins at Samhain, when the veil between worlds is thinnest. Mars will travel through Mercury’s domain, so you might want to get your helmet of invisibility, winged sandals, & sword & shield ready!

Come & hang out on Sunday night. It’ll be fun! Bring your chart to see where Mars is kicking up dust. It’s a low key informative chat about the God of War in the sign of the Trickster. What’s not to love?! We will look at where Mars is kicking up dust in your chart, what history shows us as repeating patterns, and observe how the symbolism is showing up today.

$10 sliding scale. NOTAFLOF

Mars Rx in Gemini 2022 Dru Ish
Mars Rx in Gemini 2022 Dru Ish

October Readings

Astro mechanic: Do you want to understand something specific in your own chart? Maybe your Moon is in the 12th house squaring Saturn, or maybe you were born on an eclipse, or maybe you’re heading into your second Saturn Return with Mars as your Time Lord. There’s endless options here, so take this reading as an opportunity to fine tune your understanding of your own chart so you can better work with it.

Lucky Dip: If you don’t have a specific question but want to talk astrology, or hear about your chart, this one is for you. Lean into the liminality and see where it goes. Magic is abundant!

This moment: Do you have a specific life question? This session will factor in the principles of Horary, but we will use the chart of your consultation to work through any questions you may have, or areas of life that feel hard, or need some attention placed on them to unlock. If Horary is new to you and you want to understand it, this is a great place to start.

Talk shop: Think of this like a teaching tool. It’s an opportunity to talk about a specific aspect or technique of astrology that you’d like further clarification or understanding on. It could be understanding squares or oppositions, progressions, or what it means when a planet is said to be in Detriment. If you’re learning astrology or are a seasoned pro, there’s always more questions and room for learning. 

I will prepare charts and visual guides for you to better get a grasp on what ever it is you’re curious about. 

45 mins:  $60
1 hour:  $75
1.5 hours:  $150

Please contact Dru if you have any questions.

Astrology and Social Media: Pros and Cons

Astrology and social media

This month I will join Deborah Houlding for a talk on her patreon about astrology and social media. Please come and join us here, too!

You can sign up to any tier of her patreon to have access to the round-table discussion. By signing up, you are also contributing to the rebuild of the Skyscript website; a foundation stone of astrology sites on the web.

If you’re an astrologer, please consider completing this survey about your experience of astrology and social media. It’s a 5 minute slice of your life that will hopefully help all of us better navigate this changing landscape, and add some discussion topics.

Saturn in Aquarius: The impact on each generation

You are all invited to join me under the illumination of the Full Moon on Sunday, October 9th at 6.00pm EDT (3pm PDT / 9am Melbourne, AU / 11pm EIRE) for a chat about Saturn in Aquarius.

This discussion will focus on how Saturn’s transit through Aquarius has impacted each generation of Saturn signs with age appropriate growth and change. We each have something to offer via our one precious life, and often it’s the struggle that helps us identify what that is.

If you’re Saturn Returning for the first time, we’ll talk about why 2022 is the most challenging year of your SR. If you’re of the Saturn in Libra friend group or part of the  Saturn in Leo Pride, we’ll talk about this time as your initiation into mid-life. Saturn in Scorpio cave dwellers, we’ll talk about why the last two years have stretched you in ways you didn’t know you could be. Saturn in Sagittarius wanderers, we’ll unpack why this time has been your emergence, and Saturn in Capricorn generation we’ll give you a hug for surviving your Saturn return in somewhat equally difficult terrain, and prepare you for your emergence as Saturn moves into Pisces in March 2023. Saturn in Pisces / Virgo generations: come & listen to those who have gone before you.

There will be something for everyone in this, so please come and hang out to listen, or share.


I hope to see you again and again, all month!

~ Dru

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