Open the flood gates

As the Moon passes through watery Cancer today and tomorrow any emotions, tensions and deep-seated resentments that have stirred during this Rx cycle can rise to the surface. Much like Venice, we will be wading through the waters of this retrograde cycle, unsure how high the tide will rise and what will emerge.

Venice under water

Mercury retrograde though Scorpio is an Underworld journey in itself, but as the Moon contacts Pluto each month we come face to face with Hades. All we’ve ever released and all we’ve ever had taken from us is present. Our grief and resentments, losses and desires for revenge are all at the table. We’re wading through the deepest, murkiest waters in this cycle, and of our own subconscious.

Pluto represents, among many things, our relationship to power; power gained, power lost, power over, power we can’t see, power we’re born into and power we’re denied access to. It stirs us at the unconscious psychological level, beyond the reach of rhyme or reason, with potential for taking us to the distant realm of shame. It seeks the source and if need be, it will go straight for the jugular. Pluto is as uncompromising as death itself.

Taking this journey, paying the ferrymen and sitting at this table in your Underworld today, who is there with you? Who from your past do you have something unresolved with? Who do you miss that you’d give anything to see again? What grievances, betrayals, disempowerments or pains need attention? What emotions or fears are standing behind each one?

Mars is edging toward the end of Libra, tying up the last of any peace treaties and attempted negotiations before it comes home to Scorpio. Creating art out of your own Underworld negotiations is a great channel for this energy. Burning it in 3 days is also an option.

Don’t run from what’s uncomfortable today, yet be mindful of setting something in motion that is fuelled by what lies beneath the surface. Things might be unclear, but that doesn’t mean we can’t feel around and find the source of what muddies our waters.

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