Perseid Meteor Shower



The Perseid meteor shower was so stunning tonight! If not just for the blazing lights unpredictably darting across the sky…to be lying on the Earth, looking up at our ancestors, allowing space for all the ‘wtf is life all about?’ thoughts…& no thoughts at all. If you’re wondering how the fark you’re gunna stay up so late, just do what I did: lie down for a 45min power nap at 5.30pm…turn your alarm off when it goes off…& you’ll wake up again at midnight FULL. OF. BEANS!!! I rode out to a lake & lay on a dock in the middle, surrounded by jumping fish, fresh air & plenty of shooting stars to make many a wish upon. You have another opportunity tonight. Go on! Make it happen. Life is so short & amazing & capitalism is so fucked & distracting.


Photo cred @lharrisonphoto #meteorshower #gooutside #donttellmewhattodo #justdoit #starsofwonder #pleiades #sogood #whatthefuckislifeallaboutanyway #iloveyou

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