Personal Cycles

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Living in a capitalistic world, it’s so important to be aware of our own personal cycles. When it’s Summer outside and you’re experiencing a personal winter inside, without the right tools and language to help you say no, the tension between the 2 can become intense.

Capitalism would love it if we constantly existed in the state of fruition and fullness, but we don’t. With Saturn in full force in our consciousness these days, we’re becoming more aware than ever of what drives us, what we’re driving toward and what it is exactly we’re putting our energy into growing. Personally and collectively we’re all facing some tough questions about integrity, responsibility and what our energy is contributing to on a grand scale.

I use this image in readings to help illustrate personal / inner landscape. It’s such a potent reminder to honour your own rhythms and growth cycle, to not push outwardly when you’re being called inward and to not shy away from stepping up when it’s your time to be seen.

I’ll be running some workshops very soon VANCOUVER, in which you can learn about your own seasons, which times of the year call you inward and which times benefit applying for that dream job.

Summer is never trying to be winter, and an apple seed doesn’t grow into a Lemon tree. Honouring our own needs is sadly something we all need to cultivate; it’s not always encouraged. Looking at this image, where do you feel your inner landscape is represented? 🌱🌳🍎🍂

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