Pisces rules the feet.



With Venus , Mars, Neptune AND Chiron all in Pisces right now, it sure does feel like #piscesseason ~ but it isn’t! We’re still under the guiding light of the Sun in Capricorn…who wants to get sh*t done! The Sun in Capricorn knows where it’s going. Birthed at Solstice, it has the map & the goal in sight: onward and upward. But Pisces has a different agenda.

• If you’re feeling unmotivated & like you need to start manifesting the dreams that all this Pisces action is bringing forth, try massaging your feet, as Pisces rules the feet 👣

• Reflexology is so smart…even Cleopatra was a fan! All organs on the right side of the body are represented on the right foot, & organs on the left side of the body are represented on the left foot. So smart is natural intelligence.

• Give your feet a rub, or offer to rub the feet of someone who’s having a rough trot right now. Grounding this Pisces energy can result in a very fruitful, creative process. 👣


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