Pisces Season is awash.

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✨🐋 Pisces contains the whole. It is the one sign that is an accumulation of all 11 before it. Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, always tethered to each other, always here and there at once, bringing information from our dream world into daily existence. LET GO!


✨🐋 Pisces contains the collective feels, & there sure are a lot of people trying to use the same line at once right now. Wack behaviour is being normalised & collective fear is rising as we’re on the edge of our seats wondering what’s going to happen next. LET GO!


✨🐋 With Aries running around, sword drawn ⚔️ , & #jupiter exacerbating the swift changes that are occurring, exhaustion is many people’s reality right now. It could be exhaustion from trying to keep up, dealing with the collective-fear-static that’s being sent from one fish to another…or maybe it’s Aries wanting to be the night in shining armor. Where is your energy going & what are you sacrificing? LET GO!


✨🐋 what is redemption to you?
✨🐋 are you trying to save someone while you’re drowning?
✨🐋 what and who are you fighting for?
✨🐋 are you standing firmly in your integrity or are you compromising your boundaries?

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