Retrograde v’s Capitalism


Retrograde periods are the universe’s way of telling capitalism to get f*cked. We have to slow down & stop. We have to look back, assess & refocus.

Mars the warrior, the fighter ⚔, the fierce protector ☠, the red hot lover 🔥 is in the last, most intense, degree of Scorpio 🦂. It’s been quite the journey, this retrograde cycle. From its home turf in no-fucking-around Scorpio (Jan/Feb/March), ol’ Mars did an about face turn and went retrograde in freedom loving, truth seeking Sagittarius (April/May).

The contrast in the terrain of this journey over the last few months has been of illuminating highs & confronting lows, light & dark, traversing the unknown depths of the underworld, to exploring the wide open view from the mountain tops in search of truth & meaning. The distant horizon has offered us insights into our deepest, darkest selves as well as a map for the future. We may be feeling exhausted after all this traveling. We might feel beat up by the parts of ourselves & parts of relationships that we’ve had to let go of, and by facing the reality of what we consent to in our world & how our lack of conviction & compassion hurts each of us…but the work we’ve done, & are doing, is what’s carrying us through this portal.

Be gentle with yourselves & each other over the next few days, loverz. The Moon in Cancer today & tomorrow brings us home to nurture us, dress our wounds & prepare us for the New Moon in ever loving Leo on Tuesday. From there, with Mars direct in Sagittarius, the fire in the sky can launch us back out into a way of being that is free-er, lighter & less burdened by things we no longer want to allow & carry around.

New Moons are a great time for intention setting. Be really clear about what you want & need. Aim true & be open to adventure & exploration. Remember your wounds. And keep going. There’s no going back but what you’ve learnt in the recent past is still close enough to guide you.


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