RIP Sinéad O’Connor

A star fell from the sky today.

Not many artists these days will compromise fame for truth, but Sinéad shot straight & true every time. She never wavered, & for that she suffered.

Sinead was a messenger; an artist who used her voice to elevate awareness of human rights, mental health, colonialism, generational trauma & abuses of power when it wasn’t cool to do so, & carried no social credit. She died without an apology from the Vatican, or Madonna, yet remained so fierce & so real, however messy or hilarious life got.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw her on TV in 1990. My eyes were glued. I’d never seen a woman look like I felt, & there she was every Sunday morning on Video Hits being so bold at number One for weeks on end! When I learnt that she shaved her head as a statement of resistance to patriarchal standards of feminine beauty, I loved her even more.

A Sagittarius Sun & Libra Moon, Sinéad fought for all of us, but only a few fought for her. I hope she’s in peace now & reunited with her boy 💔💔💔. May we all get better at talking about mental health & less fearful of the vulnerability within connecting with each other, or succumbing to division by these devices & shitty political agendas.

RIP Sinéad / Shuhada🍀🌹

*A lot of people are speaking for her today, so here she is speaking for herself:

Sinéad left us with this playlist, recommending we listen on random

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