Saturday, May 16th

The day of Saturn can carry a heavy, melancholy tone.

Saturn is retrograde and therefore relatively unable to offer much constructive support. The support Saturn might offer is clear definition, boundaries, a schedule and some ground rules…but that is doubly out the window today with the Moon and Neptune snuggled up, doing their best to retreat from the world and avoid the persistent texts coming from Venus.

How was yesterday? Did you feel the Neptunian waters rise?

The Moon + Neptune is a highly emotional, intuitive and insightful connection. In Pisces, the Moon loves to talk about the past with no discrimination as to whether the memories are pleasant or heart wrenching, and Neptune loves to transport to a different reality; an ideal world we’ll never live in where no one gets hurt and mortal existence is not so cumbersome.

But the flip side of Neptune brings despair, and that’s present aplenty right now, too. Neptune is playing a main role in this Venus Rx story.

Venus is moving through an air sign and Neptune can be anxiety inducing, causing us to hold our breath unknowingly. We may find through this Rx that we experience issues with the lungs, breathing, respiration. We’re seeing it collectively via the pandemic but we may have other respiratory expressions personally, too. Have you been holding tension in your chest / upper body? Today is a great day to check out the breathing meditation that Jessika has offered. It can support you in staying connected to your body and move through what is coming up.

image by SGR

Some people thrive on Moon-Neptune days while others are overwhelmed by what arises from the depth of the emotional abyss and the lack of structure it brings. Are you someone who needs strict routine? What is your relationship to routine right now through this incubation time? I’m aware many of us are still working…is Saturn-day a day of rest in your routine?

Have at the ready things that offer you something familiar and comforting be it chocolate, Rescue Remedy, ritual, an old favourite book, binge watching TV. You might notice a fluctuation between checking in and checking out…so give it something to play with.