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Saturn through the signs 1956-2028

Dru’s Muse March 2023

Friends, followers and fae,

We are standing together at a precipice of significant change. The world as we have known it is phasing out and the new is being birthed. It might not feel much like the new yet, as Pluto and Saturn are both sweeping up at the final 29th degree of Capricorn and Aquarius respectively, but come Equinox there will be no going back, again. I hope you’re bold enough to stand at this precipice with your heart open and mind flexible and curious.

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Saturn Cazimi 2023

the light triumphant Dru Ish
the light triumphant Dru Ish

Presley family tragedy repeats

Lisa Marie Presley Solar Return
Lisa Marie Presley Solar Return

While being born into a loving family nest often sets one up well in life, it doesn’t offer protection from the pain of loss and grief. In fact, it often makes loss that much worse. Lisa Marie Presley had oodles of both. The only daughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley, from day one she was the centre of their worlds, but this close proximity also meant she felt the presence of death close to her well before her father’s passing. It was an ominous cloud that continued to accompany her throughout life.

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Schitt’s Creek: the Saturn-Pluto antidote

The astrology of Schitt's Creek Saturn Pluto conjunctions 2020 passed down the Levy family line by Dru Ish
The astrology of Schitt’s Creek Saturn Pluto conjunctions 2020 passed down the Levy family line by Dru Ish

2020 kicked off with a once every 36 year cyclic collision of celestial antagonists, Saturn and Pluto, casting a shadow over the entire year. An ominous breakdown-to-break-through energy dominates when the Saturn–Pluto cycle peaks. We’re still dealing with the fall out.

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The astrology of Schitt’s Creek has Saturn-Pluto written all over it

A family with everything, reduced to virtually nothing, Schitt’s Creek is a show that empowers from the ground up. The Rose family had fame, money and socialite contacts wrapped up in a facade that it would last forever. A shady deal left them financially bankrupt and living in a road-side motel in a town they had bought as a joke. From the ashes of destruction and the pain of transformation, they are rewarded in ways they couldn’t have imagined in their previous lives. They are each transformed for the better as they lean into the care and connections of family and community without forsaking any eccentricity.

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The Depp-Heard trial exposed our collective shadow

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Defamation trial saturated our online landscape like water damage for 6 weeks. The propaganda calvary charged forth from within the internet, rounded up the free-floating incels and kicked up some misogynystic dust. If you managed to miss this one, well done! If you took a side without watching the trial, that was the intent.

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Saturn at 29 degrees

29 degrees astrology Dru Ish
29 degrees astrology Dru Ish

Any planet at the 29th degree of a sign is in treacherous terrain. Since Solstice, December 2017, Saturn has been trudging through each degree of Capricorn, its nocturnal base camp. It arrived this week at the final, 29th degree.

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Venus besieged by Mars & Saturn

Venus besieged Dru Ish astrology
Venus besieged Dru Ish astrology

Besiegement is never fun. Be it on the battlefield, or when everyday life presents unfortunate challenges. To have limited options, one can feel stuck between a rock and a hard place with no way out.

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Empaths & Saturn’s boundaries

As the Moon wanes & passes through Pisces today and tomorrow, it’s possible you’ll be visited by the ghost of despair present. Pisces feels eeeeeeverything – the suffering, the loss, the depth of emotion. There’s no separation between the pain ‘out there’ & what is experienced personally.

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I’ve been thinking about this time that we’re all experiencing together in terms of incubation. It reminds us that while it may appear like we’re doing nothing in the eyes of capitalism, we’re actively nurturing the new world into existence. Incubation allows us to observe the destruction that capitalism has on this living, breathing organism we exist on, as well as the bodies we exist within.

When Saturn changes signs, as it recently did from Capricorn to Aquarius, we’re confronted with our relationship to power and where we fall on the ladder of hierarchy and privilege. Saturn in Capricorn understands the need for systems and policies that offer structure and support. At home in an earth sign, it knows how to utilise resources such as oil, food, water, money, trade and labour.

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The astrology of social distancing

The astrology of social distancing
The astrology of social distancing

Saturn is digging in its heels at the final degree of Capricorn. The last degree of any sign in the Zodiac is never easy terrain; the Anaretic, or Critical 29th degree, holds immense potency, intensification and stress. As Saturn goes through this chrysalis, the Capricorn dialogue of the recent past centering commerce, capitalism, “the rich” now shifts toward the Aquarian narrative of life itself; togetherness, solidarity, community, being connected in isolation.

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Saturn and Pluto don’t know how to chill

If it’s feeling intense right now, it means you’re listening. But you’re also not alone.

If there was only one major transit this year ~ the Saturn Pluto conjunction occurring in January ~ we could say that the start of the year is intense but after it passes you can breathe out and get back to your life. Without wanting to play on already existing fears, it’s important we shift our view from a minor obstacle we can work through – to understanding that January is a precursor for what this year, and the future, holds. Collectively we’ve created an apocalyptic narrative that begins and ends, not one that we have to endure, slowly.

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