Saturn in Sagittarius


Usually I love a good #mooninsagittarius but when #saturn is all up in our business there’s a palatable tension & pressure in the collective air. ✨

Saturn in Sag is highlighting the self righteous voices in our communities; those speaking so loud that they can’t hear. Those who read this & think it’s not them. It’s happening on the world stage & in our backyards. The worst expression of #sagittarius is fanaticism, extreme beliefs & righteousness. While you may think that your actions are doing good, take a moment to check out this broad, Sagittarian horizon to see how others are thinking, feeling & experiencing this world. We all have Sagittarius in our charts. ✨

None of us have arrived. None of us know everything. We all are in need of education, unlearning & the acknowledgment of how our presence in the world impacts others. ✨

Sagittarius is about learning via the #journey , experiencing things foreign to us & seeking the #truth . Saturn is the hard task master, hot on our heels making sure we sit the tests on the way to the final exam. If we skip class we won’t be prepared.


. #mood #thisfuckingworldwecreated #feelingallthefeels #itsintheair #changeisconstant #saturnsays #stepup #moonconjunctsaturn #monday ~ 📸✏️ artist unknown ~

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