Schitt’s Creek: the Saturn-Pluto antidote

Schitt’s Creek reflected back to us the magnitude of 2020. Seasons one through six illustrated how profound loss, upheaval and hardship can transform us, birthing the potential for love and new beginnings.

Following its release in 2015, Schitt’s Creek came of age in 2020, a memorable year for most of us. Astrologers and astronomers were both anticipating the arrival of 2020 for many years prior. It was a year book-ended by two significant stellar alignments that could not be more contradictory.

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Saturn – Pluto conjunction, January 12, 2020

  • 2020 kicked off with a once every 36 year cyclic collision of celestial antagonists, Saturn and Pluto, casting a shadow over the entire year. An ominous breakdown-to-break-through energy dominates when the Saturn–Pluto cycle peaks. We’re still dealing with the fall out.

Jupiter – Saturn conjunction, December 21, 2020

  • The year ended with the optimistic, future oriented meeting of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, on the Solstice. While the two biggest planets in our Solar system meet every 20 years, they do so within a larger 200 year cycle. For 200 years they meet in signs of the same element. 1980-81 was the first time in over 800 years that they met in an Air sign. December 2020 marked a complete departure from the previous Earth cycle that focused on resources, wealth and productivity. We are now well and truly in a 200 year Air era that will usher in great changes in communication, technology, education and language. The beginning of these cycles produce experimentation, optimism and rapid growth. You can hear Dru talk about it here.
Jupiter Saturn conjunction December 2020 – Source:

Saturn & Pluto cast a long, heavy cloud over 2020

Johnny and Moira at the Cafe in Scitt’s Creek. Source:

The long cycles of these planets, Saturn & Pluto, Jupiter & Saturn, tend to bring dramatic changes when they come around, but only very rarely do both cycles occur in the same year. People born when Saturn & Pluto meet tend to thrive in the years when these planets collide, while the rest of us grab onto anything resembling a life raft, hoping it will soon pass. The pent up frustration finally has a release and the person’s life is filled with the power of propulsion.

Dan and Eugene Levy, the father–son duo who wrote, produced and starred in Schitt’s Creek, were both born into this unfolding Saturn–Pluto cycle. Eugene was born when Saturn & Pluto where in Leo, in December, 1946, while Dan was born in August, 1983 when both planets where in Libra. It’s as if these two Saturn-Pluto people had a Saturn-Pluto baby (Schitt’s Creek) and it came of age in 2020, when Saturn and Pluto met in Capricorn!

As Schitt’s Creek’s 6th and final season aired in January 2020, the cast and crew flew into the record books with Saturn-Pluto propulsion: they won 7 Emmy’s, a total of nine for the season (the most ever for a comedy in one year), it was the first show to sweep all four acting categories, and the first father and son duo to win in the same year. The Emmy’s were hilarious; Schitt’s Creek just kept winning! This is a perfect example of Saturn–Pluto babies thriving through Saturn–Pluto cycles, carrying a Saturn-Pluto creation.

Celestial antagonists: Saturn & Pluto

Physically, Saturn is a sphere surrounded by rings. It is the last celestial body that can be seen with the naked eye, standing as a guardian between our known world and what lies beyond. Its physicality and celestial location represent governance, rules, limitation, and the cold, hard reality of this mortal existence; birth will always lead to death.

Deprived of the light and warmth of the Sun, Pluto looms out in the cold, hidden reaches of our solar system. It governs anything deep and hidden, ranging from the grief of loss to the power of obsession, and the primal pain of betrayal. It has a sonar system fine-tuned to detect anything buried. The unflinching tenacity of Pluto will excavate anything that needs to be unearthed and brought to light. It is volatile and disruptive, with no thought to social etiquette.

Put these two antagonists together and on a mundane level you get a year like 2020. A breakdown occurred and we had to break through. It was rough going and we’re still picking up the pieces; literally everything has changed. The collision of powerful energies notoriously activates global conflicts on the grand scale, stimulating an equally intense violent control response which has a lasting ripple effect.

While the themes and events that Saturn and Pluto stir up are seldom comfortable to confront, their collision in 2020 initiated collective change that has us all facing in a new direction. The fear that has permeated into the fabric of our everyday lives means we distrust the very things we used to rely on. This is Saturn–Pluto at work. The process of getting to a place of sincerely asking ourselves ‘how did we get here?’ is the result of Pluto annihilating the safe bounds that Saturn had built for us, just as the Rose family had to rummage through the remnants of their old life and adjust in Schitt’s Creek, not propped up by wealth or shielded by privilege.

Dan and Eugene wear Saturn & Pluto well

Eugene (left) and Dan Levy (right). Father and son creators of Schitt’s Creek. Source:

Saturn has a rich mythology detailing the tumultuous inter-generational handing over of power from father to son, while Pluto deals with our deepest psychology, carrying themes of grief, shame and power/powerlessness. Together, these planets create a volatile mix of energies that seek simultaneous control and release.

Dan and Eugene Levy have personified this handing over of power from father to son, both on and off screen, and they’ve generously showed us how to hold this colliding intensity with grace. Together, they are an expression of Saturn–Pluto in motion, creating a reflection in the form of Schitt’s Creek as we all walked through it in real time. Whether it was a conscious choice or not, Schitt’s Creek was a psychopomp guiding us through end times into new beginnings.

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Part 1 Source notes:

1 – Tarnas, Richard. Cosmos and Psyche. (2007) Penguin group. New York. USA. p209

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