Mercury Retrograde ~ Scorpio Season Detox

Mercury Retrograde cycles coincide with large numbers of people going offline for a short term reset-detox. It makes sense considering Mercury is the messenger of the cosmos, retrograde periods call us to review, revisit, reset and technology pervades most aspects of daily life.

Mercury retrogrades approximately 3 times per year. It’s a cosmic call to listen to what may have passed us by and an opportunity to realign with our own rhythm. As the initial intent for technology to make our lives easier has passed us by, we now find ourselves dependant on a web of data that has few boundaries and even fewer f*cks given.

Scorpio Season cycle of life.

October 30th, 2019 Mercury digs in its heels and stations at the 28th degree of Scorpio, or the 238th degree of the Zodiac. It will retrograde back to the 12th degree of Scorpio on November 19th. That’s 20 days for you to detox, to call back your inspiration, assess any unhealthy patterns and reset boundaries. The Phoenix you choose to rise as depends on how deep you want to go. It’s your call and you are your only judge.

For the duration of this Mercury Retrograde period I’ll be here offering Merc Perk detox tips, decoding the messages from the Cosmos and watching how the planetary configurations play out on the world stage. It’s a process of slowing down, being present, re-empowering ourselves and consciously composting what needs to be released.

No one is spared. Mercury Retrograde affects everyone and equipping yourself with the tools to do the job is far more rewarding than dealing with it busting down your door of denial.

I will share updates throughout this Rx season below . I hope you’ll join me on this journey into your own diamond mine reclaiming what has been lost and releasing what has expired.

Oct 31st – What’s on the table?

Nov 1st – Be like a tree and leaf!

Nov 3 – Stay tender. Stay true.

Nov 5 – Detox symptoms

Nov 11 – CAZIMI

Nov 13 – Always here

Nov 16 – Open the flood gates\

Nov 18 – Fire breathing

Dec 3 – Waiting in the shadows

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