Oct 31: What’s on the table?

The image of Mercury digging in its heels is as awkward as it feels. It’s time to stop. Reassess. The wings are grounded and there is no flight. Any lofty ideals crash to earth for a reality check and the more you push the harder it becomes.

Mercury is aligned with the Greek God Hermes; equipped with winged heels that enable swift movements and slippery deals. A psychopomp, Hermes is the guide who leads you down to the Underworld for death and renewal, be it removing the facade of mortality in facing your own death or that of someone you love, or by moving through difficulties that push you through to a new way of being.

Hermes (image source Pintrest.ca)

A trickster, Mercury can also be found represented in most cultural myths such as Crow, Coyote, Thoth, Pan, Alchemists, Clowns and Jokers. Tricksters alert us to duality and destroy it before our eyes. They defy the rules, bridge worlds and exist in the slippery sands of constant change and mutability, reminding us of the fine line between life’s deception and truth.

This Mercury Rx occurs in Scorpio, a water sign, devouring the depths of emotion and all the comes with it; loss, betrayal, distrust, manipulation and power. It’s fixed nature makes it more like a deep abyss than the oceanic natures of fellow water signs Pisces and Cancer. Scorpio stops at nothing to get to the bottom and uncover the truth. It can be ruthless, determined and piercing with crystal clear perception.

As we progress through this Rx cycle we’ll look at what areas of life Mercury is calling you personally to refurbish. Today, be mindful of what has come to a halt, what has dug in its heels & refused to progress & what might be calling you to process & compost.

Oct 31st – What’s on the table?

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