See you never, 2016


As shit as #2016 was in SO MANY WAYS, it was also #adventure filled! 🏍💨 thanx #marsinsagittarius 🙌🏼✨🙌🏼

• Being a #9 Hermit year, it asked us to find our light 🕯amidst the darkness…& the darkness sure did deliver 📮.
#uranus fucked my #venus sideways, & I was spun in an emotional hurricane…of which I learnt to find the stillness of the eye 👁. I set my hair on #fire 🔥, sat in #vortex vibes in the depths of the desert’s love 💞 & opened my heart to the memory of the ocean & all its possibilities. ✨🚌🌅
• I’m in my #sun #firdaria ~ I’m dancing the dance with Venus & doing my best to honour the love & lessons of #saturninsagittarius . 🏹 It’s a lot. There’s a LOT comin’ down the psychic pipes right now, but I’m not void of love & compassion. I’m keeping my fire lit for you & me.
• Thanks for sharin’ the #love in this Insta-back-alley-of-capitalism, friends. #iloveyourlove #seeyounever2016 💅🏼

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