Stay tender. Stay true.

This Rx cycle began with Mercury & Venus conjoined, bonded deep in it, having both travelled through most of Scorpio’s terrain together. While Venus has since moved on to greener, more abundant Sagittarian pastures, Mercury will remain in Scorpio for the duration of this Rx. Not crossing any borders into another signs terrain, the energy is contained…for the most part.

The forces that propell Scorpio, fuelling its intensity, desires and no-bullshit death stare honesty are derived from Mars; forceful and brash in its quest with the potential of being passionately barbaric, Mars spearheads whatever it desires. Whether it’s food, another lover or bloody revenge, it attacks with piercing exactness whatever sign it’s in.

Until Nov 18th however, Mars is stuck at a dinner party (in Libra), schmoozing and boozing, forced to be cordial & polite. It’s an uncomfortable place for Mars to be, but it takes the compliments in its stride, charming the pants off new and old enemies: kill them with kindness is the current battle strategy. If anything challenging or provoking arises, Mars has no sword, no army & no defence but to smile & find places of common ground, which is hella frustrating for Mercury on the front lines.

When Mercury calls, distressed and overwhelmed with feelings from the unease of Scopionic waters, Mars doesn’t receive because there’s no service. Mercury is hurtling backwards (retrograde) down into the Underworld with no one at the wheel! 

Mercury Rx cycles often throw us for a loop. It’s so close & personal. The cracks that have formed from pressure over time are exposed in relationships & connections, in deals & agreements. Collectively, we are on the streets screaming for our lives, for justice, while peace talks go on behind closed doors, disconnected from the conversation on the ground. 

Mercury is feeling the tender rawness of being cut off, exiled & not being heard. What could be worse for the planet of communication than sending & no one receiving? It’s reduced to tears of frustration at the injustice of it all.

If your thoughts are leading you to dead ends, if you’re sending & the other person is not receiving….that’s unfortunately what this time is about. These initial first days of the cycle are the worst in that there’s so much to adjust to. Mercury has literally done a 180 & it’s discombobulating AF.

Mercury will go forward again but for now we’re retracing our steps, gathering information & feeling the depths of our pains & losses while not ignoring the intensity that is contained in the stories. Old narratives arise indicating where we are still healing & where we need to take care to protect open wounds.

In the coming days I’ll unpack each rising sign so we can see where exactly our energy is being called back to.

Stay tender, stay true.

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Nov 3 – Stay tender. Stay true.

Nov 5 – Detox symptoms

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