Sun-Mars conjunction in Leo

Once again, trans people are caught in the cross fire. As Trump announces via a TWEET (which is NOT an executive order), that trans people can no longer serve in the US military, it is obvious that this is once again an inflammatory action aimed to fuel military propaganda, the conservative moral high ground, avoid the real issues and put trans rights and trans issues unnecessarily in the line of fire.


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The military is violent in a multitude of ways and individuals’ choices and reasons for joining are many and varied. As this issue has been discussed widely in the last few days, it’s important to remember that once again trans bodies, trans lives and trans health has been put up for debate by cis-gendered, heterosexual white people in the context of an institution that thrives on violence and oppression. These people calling the shots are not killed daily for being who they are…they’re people who are granted health care simply because of who they are…they are the people who create laws and influence moral stances on issues they will never personally face.

Other people’s bodies are non of your business. If you actively fight for equality and in the next breathe say that the state shouldn’t have to foot the bill for gender reassignment surgery…but “you’re ok with people being trans”…it’s transphobia. You can’t dodge that. Transphobia holds no ground in equality, and so your IDEA of equality comes into question.

Issues like this feed ignorant, transphobic rhetoric and as the privileged are rarely forced to question there lives, their decisions, their gender, their identity….they also fail to question sweeping waves of ignorance such as this.

Astrologically, there’s a LOT going on right now, and this tweet surfaced on a day when the Sun and Mars (the God of War) were standing side by side in flamboyant, hard to miss, Leo. An alignment that accentuates the worst qualities in Trump’s chart. There’s always choices about how we use the energy of the cosmos and while Mars may be the God of War, its best expression is that of a protector, a body guard and a defender who uses its strength to help others. While I don’t live in America, this rhetoric is violence that perpetuates violence, spreading like wild fire across imaginary, and not so imaginary, borders.

If you care about human rights, trans liberation, equality and you’re not mad about this, right now might be a good time to reassess.

#immad #fuckthemilitaryindustrialcomplex #fucktransphobia #notyourbodynotyourbusiness #transliberation #transisbeautiful #sunmarsconjunction #eclipseseason


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