Pisces Full Moon deep dive

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These Pisces Full Moon feels run deep & there’s much to be crafted from this energy.

The ocean’s water & the ocean bed have a symbiotic relationship; both shift & change shape with each other, because of each other, for each other.

This is Pisces. 🐋

Pisces is not in it for itself…because Pisces is aware that it IS EVERYTHING. From our ocean bed to the layers of consciousness, Pisces is everywhere & everything at once. #mutablemagic

This Full Moon comes with a Grand Earth trine that offers us the opportunity to not get disoriented in this expanse, but to make something from it, to make something of it.

Without Earth, water lacks definition. Without water, Earth is barren – a disaster for an element that knows how to produce.

Take these Pisces feels & make Virgo proud! Channel this energy through your hands & bring the energy down to Earth.

…and contact Jessika Fancy if you want an Orca print!

Cool cat, Aquarius

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Aquarius season realness! ⚔️

I learn a lot from my Aquarius babes about the difference between humans & humanity.

We’re all moving & existing together, but not every individual is supportive or on your vibe…& there’s SO MANY humans on the planet now that it’s impossible to find common ground with everyone.



Aquarius Full Moon

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The mythology underpinning #leo sees the need to leave home, to personally heal the sadness found there with our own brilliance.
This #eclipseseason will no doubt bring that sadness to the surface, as well as highlight any areas of life that don’t reflect our authenticity.
This full moon, allow your greatness to emerge. Allow space for all the feels & mourning & take responsibility for what is holding you back & needs to be let go of.
🌼🌕🌼 There’s more in our #crystalscopes if you want to keep digging.
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