We’re all born into stories

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We’re all born into stories. This continuum of life that we jump into & out of shapes us in ways we’re not always aware of, nestling our personal stories within a larger framework.

While preparing these #saturnreturnreadings I listen to music from the year the person was born. Not only coz it’s a 💓🎵timeless era of music🎶💓, but because it’s a reflection of the story they were born into, on a collective level.

All these songs are Saturn Returning now. 🤔

What was Number 1 when you were born? If you’re unlucky like me it was Rod Stewart 😂 & he continues to haunt me throughout life! ⚔️

Readings by DRU ISH

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As Saturn gets real in Capricorn, I’m offering a whole bunch of different readings to help guide you through.

I have Saturn Return readings for those who are currently in the grips, and one for those of you who are emerging from the dust clouds of Saturn in Sagittarius 💓🏹✨

I offer a Month by Month reading for everyone where I map the year ahead, a Natal Chart reading for those who want to dive in, 45 min readings for those who have a Quick Question…& my fave CYCLES OF LIFE.

You can read more about each reading & also read about my journey as an Astrologer