Venus Rx in Scorpio

Look around to see what is dead or dying. The Venus Retrograde cycle is no joke, and Scorpio does not suffer fools.


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The Venus Rx cycle is a 40 day – 40 night dark night of the soul journey. It’s a fasting and a detox of our values, our relationships, the people and places we’ve poured our love and money and support into…and the stench of death and decay is wafting through.


What once brought us joy, vitality and purpose may now be a shell of its former self. We may also find, if we care to have that honest, penetrating look at ourselves, that we’ve outgrown parts of ourselves and moved on, but the situation remains; the vase is still holding up the dead flowers, but no amount of water is going to breathe life back into them.


Encompassed in this current Rx cycle is Neptune at the midpoint of its journey through Pisces, and Uranus at the midpoint of the Nodes. Midpoints are a peak of energy where we can look both back and forth; familiar enough with the energy at this stage that we know the pattern, but also aware that maturity beckons in our choices. 


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The thing about the desert is that it holds the memory of the Ocean. The thing about water is that it never forgets. 🌊🏜 💎
No matter when we exist throughout history, all living beings seek shelter and safety. While Aries (the 1st Cardinal sign) is out hunting, fearlessly gathering food, Cancer is creating our home, stoking the hearth fire so that we can all be nourished by togetherness under the same roof. It knows that if we don’t have each other, we will not survive.
In 2018, we may not be setting up home in a cave on the side of a rock, but our needs are no different to those of our ancestors. As social creatures, we all seek to belong, to be nourished, to protect and be protected.
This eclipse on July 12th activates our basic instincts, & in this there is increased potential for projection. There can be the desire to cut coldly that which has rejected us, threatened our survival and undermined our need to belong. The challenge is to sit in any uncomfortableness without reaction or retaliation.
When we say things are cool but they’re eating away at our very need to belong, we undermine ourselves and gaslight those we actually care about. …read the full Crystalscope HERE.
All photos 📸 :Navajo Nation Monument Valley, Canyonlands NP & Utah Rock House – #thatlibraneye 📸 @jfancydesigns .
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💦 The waters of #pisces are oceanic. 🌊There’s no beginning or end point. The depth is immeasurable & its teeming with life. 🐳🐋🐟As water is the source of all life & we live alongside pre-historic animals within it, #piscesseason reminds us that we are our past, present & future.

✨  With healing-hands-Chiron in the mix, the feels that run deep are coming to the surface to be healed & released.

✨ Check out the crystalscopes by @jfancydesigns & I for a life raft through these waters.



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Rumours turns 40!



Every 8 years Venus goes retrograde in the same sign for approximately 40 days and 40 nights. This means that every 8 years we’re visited by similar themes as Venus takes a slow walk through the underworld of that area of our chart. Venus will turn retrograde in Aries on March 5th.

40 years ago today Rumours was released. #happybirthday 40 years ago today, Venus had just moved into Aries, preparing to go retrograde, as part of the same cycle we’re in right now. This means that Rumours is a part of the mass tapestry of events that reflect this particular Venus cycle; love, loss, relationships, breakups, divorce, shared resources, striving for independence, fierce witchy women. Venus also retrograded at that time over the #ariesascendant of Stevie Nicks. #interesting

Rumours was the product of emotional turmoil, perseverance, intense interpersonal relationships and Pluto in Libra ~ the bold face of changing relationship dynamics on a collective level. Notice any Venus in Aries themes in the song names? #goyourownway #dontstop #silversprings #youmakelovingfun #golddustwoman #songbird

Starting March 5th I’ll be hosting a 40 day Venus retrograde challenge – offering daily astro-guidance through the 40 days and 40 nights of this retrograde cycle. No prior astro knowledge is required, just the intention of walking through this process with conscious awareness of events and actions in your own life.

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