Leo Full Moon

It’s the Leo Full Moon today & it’s no surprise that this image of the mf Sun was beamed to us this past week!

Source: NASA

This is the Sun! The life giving ball of fire we roam around every year. The source of our vitality & nutrients, indiscriminately shining upon us, through us, showing us the Leo way . Our Sun is a teeny-tiny 4.6 billion years old, with an approximate 10 billion year life span. NBD.

I do find @nasa & our current “science is top of the hierarchy of knowledge” era we’re living through laughable when they say this is the first time we’ve seen the Sun this close. Is it really? How did people know of binary stars in other galaxies before we had telescopes?

Also, if you’re wearing gold (the metal associated with Leo ) remember it was formed in a supernova ~ when a Sun is expiring in brilliance ~ & that you’re closer to the Sun than you may think.

Full Moons always bring up relationship dynamics so double check to make sure the one/ones you’re looking at see/s you & appreciate/s you for the shining Sun you are. Don’t be dazzled by fakes & those who want to dim your light! You’re worth being the centre of your own Solar System.

Pisces Full Moon deep dive

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 4.41.31 PM


These Pisces Full Moon feels run deep & there’s much to be crafted from this energy.

The ocean’s water & the ocean bed have a symbiotic relationship; both shift & change shape with each other, because of each other, for each other.

This is Pisces. 🐋

Pisces is not in it for itself…because Pisces is aware that it IS EVERYTHING. From our ocean bed to the layers of consciousness, Pisces is everywhere & everything at once. #mutablemagic

This Full Moon comes with a Grand Earth trine that offers us the opportunity to not get disoriented in this expanse, but to make something from it, to make something of it.

Without Earth, water lacks definition. Without water, Earth is barren – a disaster for an element that knows how to produce.

Take these Pisces feels & make Virgo proud! Channel this energy through your hands & bring the energy down to Earth.

…and contact Jessika Fancy if you want an Orca print!

Leo New Moon Eclipse

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 10.34.43 PM


The final eclipse in the Leo~ Aquarius trilogy is just whispering by us & the seeds for change & rebirth are ours to release.


Holding this energy close, sitting in our own 💩 & trying to work out which way is forward with SIX PLANETS retrograde can feel like a lot if yr trying.
The 🌞 Leo Sun is not at the centre of the solar system TRYING to shine, it’s blazing from the core of its being, wherever it’s at.

What have you learnt about being more authentically YOU since that big eclipse last September? How can you come at life straight from the heart with fierce compassion…wherever you’re at? 💖⚔️💎

The next set of eclipses will feel completely different, so dream those dreams & set those intentions now because they will be the shoes you step into & walk through the tests of Saturn in.

Art: #christianschloe 🌞♌️

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Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 8.26.50 PM


This Lunar Eclipse is packed full of 11:11 juice! The Sun at 11 degrees Aquarius opposes the Full Moon at 11 degrees Leo. Can you see it??? 🌕❤️🌕

Nothing in astrology ever happens in isolation, so when we deal with Leo (our selves, our personal spark and creativity) we also have to consider its effect in the community, the wider world and how we as individuals make up society (Aquarius). The eclipse that occurred last year in August was the first of this Leo-Aquarius series, & they will continue until November 2018.

Each eclipse is part of a Saros cycle that has its own flavour and feel; some land like welcome visitors, some destroy all the furniture. This particular series asks us to focus on ideas, dreams and visions, to follow that lead toward what authenticity is for each of us. Listen to what is asking to be born.

Eclipses happen 6 months apart and blow up the same part of our chart every eclipse season (Solar & Lunar back-to-back). We can look to see where Leo and Aquarius fall in our chart to understand where all this eclipse energy is directed. We may not have planets in those houses, but the houses represent the areas of life that the shuffling is occurring in.

What came up for you last August that is stirring again in a slightly altered state? What would change if you were to lead a completely authentic life? What’s stopping you?
@mizchartreuse – do you want to chime in with some twin flame 11-11 wisdom? 💓💓


additional 11:11 wisdom from the ASTRO FLOTUS

“11 symbolizes:
* higher intuition and insight
* duality transcendence
* a gateway to higher dimensions
* instant manifestation
* time loops and matrix glitches
* energetic portals
* illumination and transformation
* a call to master your own life
* the ONEness of the universe

The 11:11 signal is a gateway to new levels of existence. The subtle hint that becomes increasingly pervasive is an invitation to recognize how miraculous everyday life can be.
On this day especially, use the recognition of the 11/11 to become a master of your own affairs—focus your attention on your highest self-expression for the most good. Remember who you truly are as a limit-free being. 💎”