Mars in Aries: a trigger warning, a red flag, the razor’s edge.

This 6 month journey of Mars retrograding through Aries has been hot, tense, exhilarating and at times exhausting. Throughout the year Mars stirred the Capricorn pot, waltzed with Venus in and out of their respective retrograde cycles, and played in the Aries sandbox with Chiron, resulting in sand in the eyes and a lot of tears.

Aries being the first sign of the zodiac is associated with Spring and new beginnings. It initiates, takes charge and persists. Spring may produce vibrant, colourful flowers and a renewed energy, but that is due to persevering through, and surviving, the harshness of Winter.

Mars, at home in this sign, takes this fight for survival to another level. Since June we’ve heard the battle cry coming from protests in the street, we’ve become familiar with the tiny virus that can run though our veins and either take a life or steer it on a whole new course, and we’ve had to confront the hostility in our fellow humans when base level safety and security is challenged.

With Chiron (the Wounded Healer) also in Aries, it has been a hot and tender journey in addressing what was once an underlying survival instinct, reserved for running from that lion thousands of years ago, to now producing cortisol like it’s toilet paper in a pandemic. Mars in Aries showed us precisely where we’re running on all cylinders and potentially burning out. Without stopping to regroup, our adrenals suffer the burden of the constant chase and leave us depleted and lacking vitality. Modern day life has down-time filled with scrolling and analysis, never really allowing the body or mind space to fully reset.

Mars burns, it stings. It’s hot and dry. When backed into a corner it can attack and retaliate, inflicting harm and inciting violence. If the wounds of Mars are left untreated they don’t heal, they bleed out. These past 6 months have taught us a lot about where we are wounded and what hasn’t healed. It pushed us to question our own responsibility for healing and repair. It was also a call to action for the the Pluto in Libra generation: how do we mediate when injustice is so apparent? How do we instil equity as an act, not just a concept?

As the Moon moved through Aries each month, carrying light from Chiron to Mars, it illuminated how that which was once a point of safety in a trigger warning (an opportunity to leave and take care), can easily be turned around to pull the trigger on who, or whatever, activates the unhealed in us. The desire for blood and projecting what is raw and painful are signs of Mars being out of balance. This expression, “trigger warning,” is violent in itself when you think of American culture and its stand off between guns and personal freedom. The rest of the world watches this as a theatrical show about shooting yourself in the foot.

Mars in Aries is sharp. It can maintain single pointed focus and be exact in its execution. Mars moving retrograde, as it did through September to November, derails the precision it’s known for and prompts us to reassess our target. What are we aiming for? Where are we missing the mark? If a trigger initiates a process or reaction, Mars in Aries allowed us to see very precisely where we have marched into a battle that could have been better approached with an intention for healing. But that’s not what Mars does, it asserts and pushes, so we’ll likely see some reassessment of actions taken during this transit to rectify and recalibrate.

We’ve lived through Saturn at the 29th degree of Capricorn and it was no party. We have in our recent memory the experience of the coldest, most extreme version of what Saturn can dish out (see previous 29* post). Now in Aquarius, and having recently initiated us into a new Air era, we will no doubt come to understand mental health in new ways, and be forced to look at the invisible realms of inherited trauma. The old “head down, forge on” mentality of the past never offered time or space to unpack trauma. If it wasn’t impacting you physically it didn’t exist, so it has been passed down the line, continually unaddressed.

This final degree in Aries can be hard on the adrenals. Any planet at 29 degrees is tired, even Mars. It’s been a long journey and to be honest, who isn’t exhausted from 2020? This doesn’t feel like a new year, it just feels like 2020 with a twist of Aquarius.

Mars finally moves into Taurus today, though it’s a sign it struggles in. Taurus doesn’t allow Mars to rush ahead and act without considering consequences. Taurus prefers deliberate action that produces results and offers sustenance. While it won’t be a cosy fire side feast without sparks (Uranus in Taurus / squaring Saturn), it will be a shift in gears that offers time for replenishment and nourishment.

Mars Rx Fatigue

We’re on the last leg of what may feel like a marathon.

Mars – the planet of action, assertion and drive – has been held back in retrograde motion since September 9th. It’s been a battle of will, butting heads, red flags and extremism.

If you’re feeling fatigued right now, you’re not alone. It’s exhausting. This whole year is exhausting. Good news is that Mars will start to move forward (direct) again on November 13th. It’s not long now.

What we can all start to acknowledge that the world has significantly changed and that means that self care has changed, too. We need a long term strategy. Short sighted focus will only lead to burn out. Take it easy out there. Re-assess your game plan in true retrograde style and aim your sling shot in the direction you want because we will be released!

The struggle is real

The planets are playing dirty in the sandbox but you don’t have to retaliate.

I know a lot of people are just hanging on by a thread right now. It’s an intense time. There’s a LOT coming up that needs to be cleared ~ be it ancestral or familial, personal or collective ~ pain & trauma are asking for our attention to heal & be release. Nothing & no one is spared.

Keep hanging on, it will pass. This is a particularly intense week. The planets are having a fight in the sandbox: someone in the past left glass in there which is cutting to the core of deeper issues & everyone’s got sand in their eyes which is making it that much worse. Mars, the initiator, has been sent to his room & is having a tantrum. Saturn is attempting to reinforce outdated rules so, everyone’s either crying or trying to keep the cool hand of control. It’s a hard combination that calls for gentleness & honest self reflection.

One of the best remedies for lifting you out of your own situation is giving someone else a lift. Reach out now because everyone’s going through this – no matter what hemisphere you live in or what rock you might wanna hide under. It’s time for some deep digging & solidarity.

🏳️‍🌈 For those celebrating Pride: be bold, be brave & please be safe. 🏳️‍🌈

For those with Capricorn rising you don’t have to live in a constant state of deprivation & proving that you can DO IT. We know you can, it’s yourself you’re learning to trust. Let that softness in that others are offering you.

📷 Image from @natures

Melbourne, I love you!



I love how you wear your heart on your red brick sleeve
It’s definitely hard to say goodbye today, but it lets me know how I feel about this land & the people who have made this hometown visit what it was.

Leaving is 💔😢 & while endings are a natural part of life, Social Media has changed our relationship to goodbyes & grief. We may say goodbye, but we see each other tomorrow when we post photos of our ongoing lives: always here.

Home, too, is often a complex topic with colonisation, borders & immigration policies adding further complexity; eternal thanks to the Bunurong people whose land I grew up on & whose land continues to be occupied. Melbourne, you have my heart. See ya when I’m lookin’ at ya! 😎✌🏼

Avoidance is not a boundary

Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 12.05.51 AM


Lessons learnt in the recent Mercury Retrograde cycle in Pisces…& lez be real, whenever we encounter gaslighting & ghosting on the daily. Avoidance leaves situations open to misinterpretation & energetic attachments that drain our energy.

Boundaries don’t have to be a hard wall, keeping out challenges that can ultimately be rewarding. They are flags of freedom, stating to all parties where we draw a line in the sand. They let us know respectful parameters & also alert us when someone continually crosses them.

Hard conversations are never easy, but they’re well worth it when you value the relationships you’re growing or moving away from.

Sun conjunct Uranus

The Sun & Uranus are snuggled up today, creating both excitement & instability. While some folks love the electricity & dynamic energy of ⚡️Uranus⚡️, for others it can be quite destabilising.

Since Uranus entered Taurus last year (May-Sept) we started to get an incling of that which was up for overhaul. On a personal level relationships, ideologies, employment, finances, family dynamics all started to reveal the deeper rifts of core dissatisfaction.

Now that this transit is in full swing we’re staring into the mirror of chaos; we don’t have control & the more we feed that lie, the more complicated we make the simplicity of life.

What we DO have when we allow chaos into our consciousness is creative freedom. Without desperately trying to control the winds that blow through our lives, we can remember that we are the magic ~ that it’s not something to be attained & possessed ~ & it’s not something we can manufacture, only work with.

As Uranus is often associated with ⚡️lightning⚡️ & Taurus takes on an Earthy -of the body – resourceful shape, we can re-learn what it is to live WITH nature, an integral part of it, co-collaborating. When we become conduits for the energy that’s BUSTING to come through, we step back into our 💚heart centre💚 & release the stress of trying to be, criticising & controlling.

Depending on how invested we are we might resist the changes, but Uranus ultimately wants to free us from that which inhibits. In earthy Taurus it’s calling us to WAKE UP while still in the body, to dare to meet life with fresh, open eyes & to fully dance the dance that we are!

Where does Taurus land in your chart?!

Mars in Pisces; running in water

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 6.26.40 PM


Mars loves to run. 🏃🏼‍♂️
Pisces loves to swim. 🏊🏼‍♀️

When we combine these two energies, amongst the clusterfuck of everything else going on, we can feel like we’re going nowhere fast.

What running in water does do for us is allow mindfulness of the subtleties. It slows us down enough to hear what can be missed when blindly running toward our goals. It’s a reminder of who we take our orders from: external sources of trends, oppressive authorities or algorithms OR from our own innate knowing & wisdom.

If yr feeling frustrated, like yr lagging behind & cant keep up, stop trying. Find your flow & realign yourself because Mars will leap into Aries on Jan 1, & like a sling shot, we’ll be catapulted forward in the direction we’re facing.

What does your rhythm look like, without external influence?

Queer Astrology Q&A

Queer babes ask away!


Queer babes!

I’m teaming up with @them to offer you some Queer Astrology guidance.

Hit me up with your queer-ies, questions, cross-checks and concerns.
Whether you’re Saturn Returning, your crush hasn’t noticed you, Venus Retrograde has already thrown you for a loop or that dream job is still elusive – the stars are asking to guide you.

Let’s hear it!


Submit your questions and queer-ie here!


Art by the magical Jessika Fancy

Touch the Earth

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 11.04.57 PM


Of all the adventures I’ve dragged my Sagittarian ass through, this trip is up there with my faves!

The dry heat of the desert, the genuineness of folks in Denver, the stories the Earth shares in Navajo Nation lands…& the welcome relief these Utah salt flats were after feeling gay-unsafe in Wyoming. 🙌🏼💓 Thinking of you #matthewshepard 🔥♐️🔥 .
As we welcome the Sun into Leo today, this Mars Retrograde is only gunna get hotter & dryer. If you feel like yr going to loose yr shit or bite the hook this month, touch the Earth & ground yourself.
Leo is about coming back into our most authentic expression of ourselves, without the need of external validation…but remember that fire is too hot to touch. Make choices that make you proud.
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Hermit life

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Hi frenz 👋🏼
Here I am in my hermit cave, smelling the roses & feeling out the shifts & changes in the cosmic weathers. #cantturnitoff 🌀

There’s a lot going on! I’m seeing & feeling the pain that’s present & surfacing for folks, both personally & collectively…& there isn’t one answer or one remedy.

Good news is: we are amidst great opportunity for change & rearrangement. Bad news is it’s not a sprint race – it’s more like a marathon. Pace yourself, have snacks for the trip, keep hydrated & just. keep. going. No doubt you’re going to fuck things up along the way. Keep offering compassion & accountability in equal doses to yourself & those yr with.

I’m writing in my hermit time, & would also love to hear from you as to what’s going on & what you might like to hear about, astro-post wise.

Hit me up with which way the wind is blowing for you & lez walk through this together.

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