Mercury Rx in Libra ~ remembering our interconnectedness

Mercury the messenger is applying the breaks, preparing to turn retrograde. It will backtrack over the terrain we’ve been trekking through since September 7th, revisiting connections, relationship dynamics, agreements and disagreements, asking us to draw a line in the sand where we have compromised our own boundaries seeking peace over authenticity. So much has happened in that short period of time, and so much will likely happen in these next 3 weeks.

Each Mercury Rx this year occurs in the Air signs. This one unearths what lies below the Libran desire for diplomacy and mutual gain. Where we have previously been tip-toeing through difficulties and polarising view points, we are likely to see in this time frame a recalibration of our own relationship to justice and fairness, and a clear view into how imbalance and disconnection from each other pervades all areas of our lives.

Mars, the fearless warrior, is also in Libra during this time, bringing issues out into the open on October 9th. This might not be the clarity we want, though. Mars in Libra holds a contract that details the finer points of collaboration. It doesn’t wield a sword with hot-headed aggression, using brute force to get what it wants. It fights for justice and fairness because it is clear and to the point about what is out of alignment.

Venus, who holds the Libran cards, is powerful in unseen ways during this time. Moving through Scorpio, Venus and Mars are mutually connected, sharing resources and supporting one another. So what’s been going on behind the scenes? Any shady deals that have been struck under the recent Pluto-Mercury square will be spotlighted and brought out into the open through this Rx scrutiny. When Venus moves into truth seeking Sagittarius on October 7th we will be better equipped to know what we’re dealing with and from October 18th onwards we’ll be better able to act on it.

Personally, I love Mercury Rx times. Like 2021, they’re a reminder that chaos resides closer than we have been lead to believe and the notion of control is just a smoke screen. This doesn’t mean we’re without agency, though. There is a flow we can tap into that is not guided by fear and scarcity. We are nature and, therefore, part of an incredibly intelligent system of interconnectedness that leaves no one and no thing out. The choices we make, the thoughts we invest in, the energy we share reverberates instantaneously. Like this river, the past, present and future are all here with us through these testing times. Where you draw the line in your own sand will have lasting impact beyond your personal sphere, and the challenge can be staying in your own centre. Some might call this the heart space. Whatever words you give it, see you there through this Rx journey!

Important dates in the Mercury Rx cycle

September 7th Pre shadow phase begins, Mercury at 10* Libra

September 27th Mercury stations retrograde at 25* Libra

October 5th – 7th The Moon enters Libra Oct 5th, joining Mercury, Mars and the Sun. Watch what comes to light through the messages you receive over the coming days.

October 7th Venus moves into Sagittarius

October 7th Mars moves through the heart of the Sun beginning a new cycle

October 9th Mercury passes through the heart of the Sun – midpoint of the Rx cycle

October 18th Jupiter stations direct, giving Venus the green light

October 19th Mercury stations direct at 10* Libra

November 3rd Post shadow phase ends, Mercury reaches 25* Libra

Mercury Rx through fixed signs sparks the intergenerational dynamic

On this day as Mercury stations direct to resume forward motion again, the cyclical nature of life is reinforced. Capitalism encourages us to be in a constant state of Summer, mass producing shit we don’t need, posting just to keep up with an algorithm, fuelled by an inferiority complex that the next person will do it if we don’t. It’s a lie.

Mercury retrograde through the fixed signs activates intergenerational dynamics

In the spirit of acknowledging the cyclical rhythm of life and its events, I’ve been watching Mercury Rx through fixed signs. It seems to activate the tensions between Boomers and Millennials who both have a major portion of those populations with Pluto in fixed signs Leo and Scorpio. The phrase “OK Boomer” has been around for a while, but it only really took off in November, 2019 when Mercury traced its way back through Scorpio, activating the generational ties that bind. I wrote a lot about it at the time and the theory still sticks. Embedded in this Mercury Rx cycle we are emerging from is the tense Saturn-Uranus square that is also occurring across fixed signs.

There’s a LOT of change transpiring right now, and fixed signs don’t like to be hurried. As we evolve together into a new era it will require conscious effort cross-generationally to offer enough space to grow and deliver information in a way that can be received. Generating our (air) ideologies in these social media platforms has the potential to homogenise critical thinking and create fear in asking questions. Language is one of the main vehicles of this new era and while it’s currently being funnelled through the harsh critique of Saturn we also have the Jupiterian opportunity to learn and grow, and not hide our bigotry behind the notion of free speech.

It’s tense right now. There’s no escaping that. The old guard is being challenged and it’s coming down. That applies to everyone, however old or young. Saturn and Uranus always bring the possibility of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, therefore, it’s each of our responsibility to check where we hold resistance to change. If this Aquarius era is a group effort and no one is left behind, nurturing our shared humanity is surely worth developing over consumption and competition.

Read the full article here:

Millenials, Gen X and Boomers all cohabitate in Scorpio
Millenials, Gen X and Boomers all cohabitate in Scorpio

It takes a village to raise a Boomer

This time last year we moved through similar terrain.

Mercury kicked up its usual retrograde dust in Scorpio, and this in turn activated the ties that bind Millennials, Gen X and Boomers.

This article breaks down the astro-connections between each generation, their often unwanted similarities and highlights the intersections where learning and growth can take place.

Mercury Rx Slippery Fish

It’s that time again!

Mercury is retrograding through the sign of the Slippery Fish #pisces until March 10.

If you feel like you’re failing & f*cking it up, just remember you’re not this guy! Pro tip.


Image source: @browncardigan

Mercury Rx activates the ties that bind Boomers, Millennials and GenX.

The ties that bind Millennials to Boomers

Mercury retrograde is a phenomenon that occurs approximately 3 times per year, every year. Having gained recent popularity due to a surge of interest in spirituality amongst Millennials, it is technically not classified as a “big hitter” in astrology. This most recent retrograde however, was more than just the brilliant eclipse across the Sun. It stirred the generational pot, activating unconscious ties between Boomers, Gen X and Millennials. It triggered both their similarities and disparities, prompting an already existing aggravation into mass protest across the globe, and a surge of memes, articles and analysis online.

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November 11 marks the midway point of this Mercury retrograde in Scorpio cycle. 

Today the Sun, the great illuminator, takes Mercury under its wing and protects it. Shielded by blazing light, all of Mercury’s qualities, all of the back tracking and digging, all that has been unearthed in the first part of this Retrograde cycle pause for a moments grace. This day holds the potential for razor sharp clarity, if only fleeting. From this point onwards Mercury is moving away from the Sun toward the deepest degree of the retrograde cycle where it will stop and move forward again. We have 9 days remaining to clear up, realign and sort out what Mercury has brought our attention to.

Mercury CAZIMI 18* Scorpio, 11/11/2019

Mercury Rx in Scorpio Horoscopes

Each of us has Mercury kicking up dust somewhere in our charts. Whatever house Mercury is currently passing through will indicate where our attention is being drawn and what issues we’re being dragged down into the Underworld to deal with. This is not the only cycle coming to an end, and it’s not the only way in which we’re being asked to let go. But like any detailed work that needs to get done, it will sit there glaring at us until we do it.

This is an excerpt from the Mercury Retrograde Scorpio Season detox being updated through out the 2019 Rx cycle. Read the full article with Horoscopes for each sign here and follow the links below for ongoing updates.
Mercury retrograde in Scorpio 11/11/2019. Source: NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory

Oct 31st – What’s on the table?

Nov 1st – Be like a tree and leaf!

Nov 3 – Stay tender. Stay true.

Nov 5 – Detox symptoms

Nov 11 – CAZIMI

Scorpio depths are not the periphery

Anyone else feel like they finally understand what it’s like to be a Scorpio 24/7? This Mercury retrograde in Scorpio (leading us toward the Pluto-Saturn conjunction in January😳) is Scorpio Season on full blast! Whoooooweeee!

Scorpio Season Mercury retrograde 2019

The effects might not be visible on the periphery, but so much is stirring inside, below the surface.

It’s not ‘normal’ for us to be existing with constant grief, over stimulation & anxiety, & no one is spared right now. Mercury retrograde cycles are great opportunities for us to go off line, spending less time in the loop of scrolling & more time listening to what’s asking for our attention.

Mercury rules communication, & listening is just as valid as output. Listen to your body, chew your food, watch your breathing & trust those who love you that can see your blind spots. Boundaries are there for self care!

For the duration of this Mercury Rx cycle I’m offering astrological updates on how to release what is asking to be detoxed, Scorpio style.

Mercury Rx Scorpio Detox

Mercury Retrograde cycles coincide with large numbers of people going offline for a short term reset-detox. It makes sense considering Mercury is the messenger of the cosmos, retrograde periods call us to review, revisit, reset and technology pervades most aspects of daily life.

October 30th, 2019 Mercury digs in its heels and stations at the 28th degree of Scorpio, or the 238th degree of the Zodiac. It will retrograde back to the 12th degree of Scorpio on November 19th. That’s 20 days for you to detox, to call back your inspiration, assess any unhealthy patterns and reset boundaries. The Phoenix you choose to rise as depends on how deep you want to go. It’s your call and you are your only judge.

For the duration of this Mercury Retrograde period I’ll be here offering Merc Perk detox tips, decoding the messages from the Cosmos and watching how the planetary configurations play out on the world stage. It’s a process of slowing down, being present, re-empowering ourselves and consciously composting what needs to be released.

I will continue to share updates throughout this Rx season . I hope you’ll join me on this journey into your own diamond mine reclaiming what has been lost and releasing what has expired.

Be like a tree and leaf!

After leaving San Francisco yesterday we headed for the Redwoods in Northern California. I chose this spot and this date purposefully knowing Mercury would be Rx, knowing that it’s Samhain and knowing I need to be in nature at this time of year, every year.

Standing at the foot of these literal giants I fell silent; there’s nothing that could be said to enhance the moment and words would only get in the way of listening. Impressed by how spongey the Earth is underfoot, able to hold up all 350 ft of solid tree, I take in more of the surroundings as the forest begins to open up. Lying horizontal are several giants. No longer upright, yet no less participating, present and necessary. No less breathtaking.

The Avenue of the Giants, California. Oct 31, 2019

I’m reminded of The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben. In it he describes the importance of dead trees to the ongoing sustainability of a forest. No longer vertical, trees still share energy and nutrients with each other, operating much like a family reliant on one another for survival.

Scorpio has in recent history become associated with death and transformation, due mainly to its also modern association with Pluto. But the natural progression of life’s cycle at this time of year does reflect this nocturnal, dying off and transforming phase (in the Northern Hemisphere where Western Astrology originated). Once Libra sets us straight with equal parts day and night, Scorpio Season alerts us to the irreversible descent from Autumn into the cold, dark depths of Winter. The reality of hibernation and retreat is undeniable.

If you can picture yourself as a tree, heavy with golden-red leaves, branches stretching wide having held nests, birds, moss and sunlight, with roots steadfast and deep as the branches rise…..what does this encroaching Winter hold for you? Will you drop a branch or two as the weight of an old story becomes too much to carry forth? How will the leaves that you have grown nourish you as they fall to your feet? How well has your bark protected you in the form of setting and upholding boundaries? Will you do next year differently, wishing you’d been clearer about how much energy you put out, or who you offered shade and shelter to, who you wish had found sanctuary in your forest? What will you mourn and what will you rejoice in the inevitable loss of?

This is an excerpt from the Mercury Retrograde Scorpio Season detox being updated through out the 2019 Rx cycle. Read the full article here and follow the links below for ongoing updates.

Oct 31st – What’s on the table?

Nov 1st – Be like a tree and leaf!

Nov 3 – Stay tender. Stay true.

Nov 5 – Detox symptoms